25 Tasty Homemade Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

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Looking for more ways to enjoy cold brew coffee? Discover something new to try in our collection of homemade cold brew coffee recipes.

Whether you’re a cold brew coffee connoisseur seeking a new twist or a new cold brew drinker experimenting with cold brew recipes, you will love these cold brew coffee drinks recipes.

From classic cold brew flavours to unique cold brew coffee recipes and popular copycat Starbucks cold brew recipes, there’s something here for everyone. So say goodbye to boring coffee and hello to delicious cold brew coffee drinks.

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Different Ways To Enjoy Cold Brew Coffee

Two things I love most about cold brew coffee are how smooth it is to drink, and it’s versatility.

As you will discover browsing through the cold brew recipes below, there are a dizzying number of ways to brew and flavour cold brew coffee.

Not only is cold brew coffee the perfect base for simple syrups, it pairs beautifully with flavoured creams, cold foams and non-dairy milks too. It’s also an excellent base for blended coffee drinks and coffee smoothies.

And while it’s handy to buy cold brew concentrate, it is one of the easiest ways to make coffee at home.

So if you’re new to cold brewing, hop over to my guide to brewing cold brew at home. In the guide I show you 4 different ways to make cold brew coffee at home.

I hope you discover some new favourite recipes here. Plus I would love to know your favorite ways to enjoy cold brew coffee. So don’t forget to leave me a comment below!

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Homemade Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

From simple syrups to cold brew with cold foams and blended cold brew smoothies, here are 25 yummy cold brew coffee recipes for you to make at home.

1. Cold Brew Float

cold brew icecream float.

This cold brew coffee float is as tasty as it looks! Simple cold brew coffee topped with a scoop of ice cream, it is the perfect afternoon pick me up or coffee dessert alternative.

Enjoy as is or with a drizzle of your favorite coffee syrup. Yum!

2. Coconut Cold Brew Coffee

coconut cold brew.

For all the coconut lovers out there, this coconut milk cold brew with coconut syrup is simply divine.

3. Pumpkin Foam Cold Brew

pumpkin cream cold brew coffee.

If you love to make Fall flavored cold brew coffee drinks at home, you have to try this pumpkin foam cold brew recipe. Made with all natural ingredients, it’s creamy, and oh so delicious.

4. Honey Almond Cold Brew Coffee

honey almond milk cold brew.

For almond milk lovers, this easy honey almond milk cold brew drink is the perfect every day coffee drink.

With just a hint of sweetness, it is quick and easy to make and super refreshing.

5. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold brew.

The vanilla sweet cream cold brew may be one of the most popular cold brew coffee drinks.

Made famous by Starbucks, the vanilla cream and syrup flavors are the perfect match to a batch of homemade cold brew coffee.

6. Cold Brew Mocha

easy cold brew mocha.

If you love coffee and chocolate, this cold brew mocha coffee is such an easy and tasty coffee drink to make at home.

With just a few ingredients you can enjoy a simple chocolate cold brew coffee in minutes.

7. Salted Caramel Foam Cold Brew

caramel cream cold brew.

Caramel and coffee is another match made in heaven and this salted caramel foam cold brew coffee recipe is the perfect way to enjoy this delicious cold coffee drink.

8. Irish Cream Cold Brew

irish cream cream cold brew.

For holiday coffee drink lovers, why not celebrate the festive season with this Irish Cream cold brew.

Creamy with a subtle chocolate flavor, it is the perfect choice for us Southern Hemispherians who celebrate Christmas in the Summer!

9. Cold Brew Tonic

iced cold brew tonic.

Similar to my espresso tonic recipe, this cold brew tonic is fizzy, citrusy and such a refreshing coffee drink for hot Summer days.

The combination might seem strange, but believe me when I say it truly works!

10. Chocolate Cream Cold Brew Coffee

copycat chocolate cream cold brew.

We have Starbucks to thank for this creation, and there is so much to love about a chocolate cream cold brew.

The mocha foam sits atop the cold brew so you can enjoy a creamy sip every time.

11. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew Coffee

light pumpkin cream cold brew.

For pumpkin lovers, this pumpkin cream cold brew coffee recipe is a great way to enjoy all the Fall coffee flavors at home.

The pumpkin infused sweet cream turns your regular cold brew coffee into something perfectly aromatic and delicious.

12. Vegan Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

vegan pumpkin cream cold brew.

Enjoy the Autumn coffee flavors without the dairy with this vegan pumpkin cream cold brew coffee drink.

The almond and coconut milk pumpkin cream is naturally sweetened and super creamy.

13. Chocolate Foam Cold Brew Coffee

light choc cream cold brew coffee.

If you love chocolate, but are looking for a lighter version of the chocolate cream cold brew, try this chocolate foam cold brew coffee recipe.

The low fat milk and chocolate foam is still delightfully sweet and frothy with less calories than the chocolate cream version.

14. Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew

salted caramel cold brew.

If you prefer your flavored cream in your drink instead of on top of it, try this salted caramel cream cold brew recipe.

The vanilla caramel cream is the perfect pairing for a glass of homemade cold brew coffee.

15. Pandan Cold Brew Coffee

pandan cold brew coffee.

This pandan cold brew recipe is an aromatic and unique coffee recipe to try at home.

Pandan is a tropical plant with a vanilla-like flavor and this recipe is a great sugar free way to flavor cold brew coffee at home.

16. Protein Blended Cold Brew

blended protein cold brew coffee.

Kickstart your day with this tasty chocolate almond protein blended cold brew recipe.

Much like a coffee smoothie with protein added, it is an energy filled caffeinated drink to get you going in the morning.

17. Maple Pecan Flavored Cold Brew

maple pecan cold brew coffee.

Another popular Autumn flavored coffee drink, this maple pecan cold brew coffee with homemade syrup is such an easy cold coffee to make at home.

And the best thing is you can make a batch of maple pecan syrup to enjoy any time.

18. Mint Mocha Cold Brew Coffee

mint mocha cold brew coffee.

We couldn’t share a collection of cold brew coffee recipes without a mint mocha cold brew recipe!

With a subtle natural mint flavor, the mint mocha cold brew is refreshing and sweet, and perfect for Summer sipping.

19. Easy Cold Brew Smoothie

blended cold brew smoothie.

Start your day the right way with this cold brew smoothie. Similar to this espresso smoothie, this recipe is blended with banana, oats and milk and is a complete meal in a glass, ready to go.

20. Cookie Butter Cold Brew

cookie butter cold brew coffee.

If you’re a cookie butter fan and need an alternative to a hot cookie butter latte, try this comforting cookie butter cold brew recipe.

With an aromatic spiced flavor, it is a delicious cold brew flavor combo to try at home.

21. Maple Syrup Cold Brew Coffee

iced maple cold brew coffee.

With just 3 ingredients, this quick and easy maple cold brew coffee recipe is the perfect way to liven up your everyday coffee drink.

22. Mexican Spice Cold Brew

mexican spiced cold brew coffee.

Love a little spice in your cold coffee drinks? Well try this Mexican cold brew coffee recipe. Aromatic and flavorful, it is a quick and easy way to spice up your daily coffee.

23. Caramel Flavored Cold Brew Coffee

salted caramel cream cold brew coffee.

This salted caramel sweet cream cold brew recipe is a clever take on a Starbucks coffee drink.

Brewed with caramel flavored coffee beans it is a quick and easy way to make a caramel coffee drink with less sugar.

24. Naturally Flavored Cold Brew

natural flavored cold brew coffee.

If you love cold foam coffee drinks, but don’t like the sugar or cream, try this naturally flavored cold brew coffee drink.

With a date and cashew milk blended foam, it is a naturally sweetened alternative to other foamy cold brew recipes.

25. Simple Soy Cold Brew Coffee

soy cold brew coffee.

If you’re looking for dairy free cold brew recipes, try this simple soy cold brew coffee drink.

With just a few ingredients, it is an easy and tasty cold brew drink you can make at home.

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What’s Your Favourite Cold Brew Coffee Recipe?

Who would have thought there were so many ways to make cold brew coffee at home!

Easy to make, smooth to drink and delicious combined with flavoured syrups and foams, it really is one of the best types of coffee to enjoy at home.

Remember, it isn’t difficult to brew your own cold brew coffee. So whether you use a cold brew coffee maker, a french press or a mason jar, a batch of cold brew is never far away!

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