Coffee Recipes

From coffee drinks to desserts, cakes, cookies and cocktails, there are a million ways to enjoy great coffee everyday.

Here we share all the best coffee recipes for you to try at home.

Coffee Drinks

From hot to cold and everything in between, we hope you enjoy trying out these tasty coffee drink recipes.

iced cold brew with coconut milk in glass with coconut milk foam.

Iced Cold Brew With Coconut Milk

For lovers of coconut flavoured coffee, this cold brew with coconut milk is a delicious dairy free flavored cold brew coffee drink to make at home.

Lotus biscoff latte in glass mug with lotus cookies alongside.

Creamy Lotus Biscoff Latte

Enjoy the spiced caramel flavours of Biscoff spread with this Lotus Biscoff latte recipe. Hot, sweet and comforting, it is the perfect Winter coffee drink.

Glass of long black coffee on table.

Americano vs Long Black Coffee – Do You Know The Difference?

Confused about the difference between an americano vs long black coffee? We explain how they are different and how to make an americano and long black at home.

Black iced coffee iced latte and ice coffee with cream in various glasses on white background.

Iced Latte Vs Iced Coffee: 4 Differences You Need To Know

Confused about the difference between iced latte vs iced coffee? We explain the difference between iced coffee and iced latte and share easy recipes for both.

cup of magic coffee in black ceramic cup.

What Is A Magic Coffee? Our Guide To A Unique Aussie Coffee Drink!

What is a magic coffee? Our magic coffee drink guide explains what’s in a cup of magic coffee plus we share an easy magic coffee recipe.

homemade coffee jelly on spoon above glass of milk.

Easy homemade coffee jelly with milk

Learn how to make coffee jelly with our easy coffee jelly recipe (with just three ingredients).

Coffee desserts recipes

If you love to eat dessert almost as much as you love coffee, then you are going to enjoy trying these dessert coffee recipes!

Two single glasses of Tiramisu

20 Best Coffee Dessert Recipes To Make At Home

If you love coffee and dessert you will love these coffee desserts recipes. From no bake desserts to chocolate coffee desserts and the best single serve coffee dessert recipes, you are sure to find the perfect option here.

Baking with coffee

Whether you are adding a little espresso powder to enhance the flavour of a chocolate cake recipe or making cakes with coffee as the main ingredient, there are loads of delicious coffee recipes to try. Here are just a few.

easy mocha brownies recipe

Easy Mocha Brownies

This easy mocha brownies recipe is a great example of the magical pairing of dark chocolate and espresso. Fudgy and gooey on the inside, these espresso brownies have a subtle coffee flavour that enhances the …

chocolate coffee cake surrounded by coffee beans.

13 Delicious Coffee Flavoured Cake Recipes

Love coffee and cake? Here are 13 delicious coffee flavoured cake recipes to bake at home.

Coffee snacks and treats

Enjoy your favourite coffee flavours in these tasty coffee snacks and treats.

homemade chocolate coffee granola recipe in bowl

Baked chocolate coffee granola

This mocha granola recipe is an easy crunchy granola recipe that is perfect as a healthy breakfast or snack.