Coffee Equipment

For the home barista, the array of coffee equipment can be a little overwhelming.

To make it all a little simpler to choose, we take a look at all the latest coffee gear and share our reviews with you here.

From the best coffee machines, all types of coffee accessories and regular coffee makers, you are sure to find your next piece of coffee equipment here.

Coffee Machines

From espresso machines to pod machines, drip coffee makers to manual coffee makers, there are hundreds of coffee machines on the market. Read our coffee machine reviews to find the one perfect for you.

home espresso machine making espresso

Best Home Espresso Machine Australia [2024 Guide + Reviews]

Start making great tasting espresso coffee drinks at home with the best home espresso machine Australia has on the market. We review 10 of the best options here to help you choose.

Stainless steel coffee press on table

The Best Coffee Plunger Australia 2024 Guide

Enjoy a full bodied brew customised to your individual tastes with the best coffee plunger Australia has on offer. We review 10 of the best options here.

two glass mugs with espresso on automatic coffee machine drip tray

The Best Automatic Coffee Machine Australia [2024 Guide]

Our best automatic coffee machine Australia 2023 guide reviews the best fully automatic machines so you can find the perfect machine for your home.

Red nespresso coffee capsule machine with Aeroccino on kitchen bench

The Best Nespresso Machine Australia 2024 Reviews

Enjoy no fuss espresso with the best Nespresso machine Australia has on the market. Read our Nespresso coffee machine reviews to choose the best Nespresso coffee pod machine for your home or office.

Best Portable Coffee Maker Australia

The Best Portable Coffee Maker Australia [2024 Guide]

Enjoy great coffee on the go with the best portable coffee machine. In this detailed guide we share all the best travel coffee maker options in Australia.

Coffee pot with ground coffee, coffee beans and mug

The Best Filter Coffee Machine Australia (2024 Guide)

Enjoy a better brew at home with the best drip coffee maker Australia has. We compare the top rated drip filter coffee maker options here.

Flat lay of moka pot and coffee cup

Guide To The Best Stove Top Coffee Maker Australia [2024 Reviews]

Guide to the best stove top coffee maker in Australia. Find the best stovetop espresso maker and enjoy espresso-like coffee at home for very little cost.

Stainless steel pour over dripper over glass server with freshly brewed coffee.

The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker Australia 2024 [Reviewed]

Choose from the best pour over coffee makers with the help of pour over coffee maker reviews where we compare all the best pour over brewers.

Coffee cup and pod coffee maker

The Best Coffee Pod Machine Australia [2024 Guide]

Enjoy great tasting coffee everyday with the best coffee pod machine. Here we review the best capsule coffee machines available in Australia.

Black cold brew coffee in a glass with metal straw

The Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker Australia [2024 Guide]

In this best cold brew coffee maker review guide, we share 10 of the best options plus take you through what to consider when purchasing a cold brew maker.

hot coffee from the home coffee machine is poured into glass cups

Best Home Coffee Machine Australia [2024 Guide]

Enjoy your coffee at home with the best home coffee machine. From espresso to filter and pod, we review 10 of the best options here.

Black semi automatic coffee machine with grinder

Guide to the best semi automatic coffee machine Australia [2024]

Fine tune your home barista skills with the best semi automatic coffee machine Australia has on the market. We help you narrow down the choices with our reviews of the best semi automatic espresso machines for home.

Closeup of red espresso coffee machine extracting espresso into a glass cup.

The Best Cheap Coffee Machine Australia [2024 Reviews]

Good cheap coffee machines can be hard to find, so if you are looking for the best affordable coffee machine for home, our best cheap coffee makers reviews will help you find the perfect machine for your home.

Coffee Accessories

From coffee grinders to milk frothers, coffee mugs and everything in between, there is so much great coffee gear to choose from!

Read our reviews of all the best coffee accessories including coffee grinder reviews and the best coffee gifts.

coffee knock box and portafilter closeup.

The Best Coffee Knock Box Australia [2024 Guide]

Simplify your espresso clean up with one of the best coffee knock boxes. We review all the best espresso knock box options here.

coffee beans stored in glass coffee container

The Best Coffee Storage Container Australia 2024 [Reviewed]

Keep coffee fresh for longer with the best coffee bean storage containers. We review the best canisters for coffee in Australia here.

Three automatic Australian coffee grinder brands side by side in collage.

The Best Coffee Grinder Australia [2024 Guide and Reviews]

If you are searching for the best coffee grinder this article is for you. Here we share 10 of the best home coffee grinders Australia has on the market.

Stylish reusable eco coffee cup on wooden background, flat lay

Guide To The Best Reusable Coffee Cup Australia 2024

With one of the best reusable coffee cups Australia has you can enjoy coffee on the go without the waste. From steel to bamboo to the best glass reusable coffee cup, we review all the best portable coffee cup options here.

Home coffee roaster in action roasting coffee beans.

The Best Home Coffee Roaster Machine Australia [2024 Reviews]

Start roasting coffee at home with the best home coffee roaster machine Australia has for sale. From stovetop to air bed and drum, we compare the best coffee roasting machine options.

Home barista preparing coffee with pour over filter and coffee weighing scales

The Best Scales For Coffee Brewing Australia 2024 Guide

Enjoy perfectly balanced coffee with the best scales for coffee. We review 10 of the best coffee scales Australia has to offer and explain what features to look for.

Close-up view of woman gently pouring milk from a latte milk jug into glass making latte art.

Guide To The Best Milk Jug For Latte Art Australia [2024]

With one of the best milk frothing jugs you can master silky microfoam and latte art at home. Find all the best milk jug for latte art options in Australia here.

hand of barista cleaning milk frother on espresso machine.

The Best Coffee Machine Descaler Australia [2024 Reviews]

Keep your machine running in tip top condition with the best coffee machine descaler. Our coffee descaler reviews compare the best options for home and office.

Stainless steel travel coffee tumbler on pink background

Guide To The Best Travel Coffee Mugs Australia 2024

If you want to enjoy hot coffee on the go, you need the best insulated travel mug. We review 10 of the best options here.

coffee portafilter with natural ground coffee and wooden coffee tamper on an orange background close-up.

Guide To The Best Coffee Tamper Australia [2024]

Discover the best coffee tamper 2023 in our espresso tamper reviews. We compare all the best coffee tamper Australia options here.

using a chemex pour over coffee maker and gooseneck kettle.

The Best Pour Over Kettle Australia [2024 Gooseneck Kettle Guide]

Master pour over coffee brewing with one of the best pour over kettles. We compare the best gooseneck kettles here.

Stainless steel manual coffee grinder with bowl of roasted coffee beans.

Guide To The Best Manual Coffee Grinder Australia [2024]

Enjoy the freshest coffee where ever you are with the best hand coffee grinder Australia has. We review 10 of the best options here.

three milk frothers alongside each other.

Guide To The Best Milk Frother Australia [2024]

Invest in the best milk frother Australia and enjoy creamy lattes and cappuccinos in the comfort of your own home. We review the best milk steamer options here.

Cappuccino on table surrounded by coffee gifts

All The Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers Australia [2024]

Look no further for the best gifts for coffee lovers – our Ultimate Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers has more than 40 of the best coffee gifts for your friends and family.

Coffee accessories top view. Stylish barista accessories for coffee brewing on wooden table.

The Best Coffee Accessories For The Home Barista

Make better coffee with the best coffee accessories. Here we share the essential home barista accessories you need to consider to make great great coffee at home.