All The Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers [Australia 2020]

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Are you looking for the best gifts for coffee lovers Australia has to offer? We have scoured the market and put together the ultimate Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers to help you choose the perfect presents for people who love coffee.

From coffee machine gifts to top accessories for coffee lovers and some super unique coffee gifts, we cover the entire range of Australian coffee gifts.

So whether you are searching for the best Christmas gifts for coffee lovers, Mother’s or Father’s Day coffee gifts, birthday presents for coffee lovers or novelty coffee gifts, you are sure to find the best gifts for coffee drinkers in our bumper gift guide.

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My Pick for the Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers Australia 2020

In this article we share over 25 great coffee gifts Australia has to offer. All of these products are locally available, so you won’t waste any time reading reviews for coffee products you can’t find in Australia!

If you are short on time and just want a short list of the best coffee presents, here are our top 5 gifts for coffee lovers in 2020.

Coffee Gift BasketsLonsdale St Roasters coffee beans

Keep reading below for the full list of the best coffee gift ideas.

How to choose the best gifts for coffee lovers

There are many types of coffee lovers and finding the best coffee related gifts will depend on the person you are buying for. Are they a regular coffee drinker, or a coffee enthusiast? Are they keen to learn more about brewing coffee using different methods, or are they happy with their morning brew each day?

The home barista or coffee enthusiast are pretty easy to buy for as there are so many coffee accessories, gadgets and quirky coffee gifts you can buy. We share quite a few options in our coffee lover gift guide.

For the every day coffee drinker, gifts like gourmet coffee beans, fun coffee mugs or a DIY coffee lovers hamper are a great choice. We list our top recommendations below.

Finally, if you are looking for posh coffee gifts for a wedding gift, anniversary or other special occasion, we have included some great options in our list.

So let’s get into it and help you find the best presents for coffee lovers Australia has to offer.

Coffee cup on table with christmas foliage

Best Home Barista Coffee Gifts

If the person you are buying for is a passionate coffee drinker and loves to experiment with new ways of making coffee, there are so many cool coffee products and coffee enthusiast gifts to choose from.

Here are just a few coffee present ideas to consider.

Chemex Classic Pour Over Coffeemaker

Chemex Classic Series Pourover Coffee maker

The Chemex Classic Series glass pour over coffee maker is as good at brewing coffee as it looks. With a gorgeous hourglass design, the Chemex coffee maker produces a light, bright cup of coffee thanks to the thicker than normal paper filters used to remove the sediment and oils from your cup.

Simple to brew and easy to clean up, this method of making coffee is favoured by many coffee connoisseurs for both hot and cold coffee drink styles.

Made from toughened glass, with a wooden collar and leather strap, the classic Chemex coffeemaker brews 6 cups of coffee, but there are also 3, 8 and 10 cup options.

If you are wondering what to buy a coffee lover for Christmas, this would be a much loved option.

Hario V60 Coffee Scale

Top coffee enthusiast gifts
Hario Coffee scale

Nothing says serious coffee enthusiast like a coffee scale. Designed to perfect your brew through consistent measure and precise timing, a coffee scale is one of the best coffee presents for people who love coffee to be great, every single time.

The Hario V60 coffee scale is no regular kitchen scale. Designed for accuracy down to 0.1g and with a built in timer, it is a great coffee gift for lovers of manual brewing methods like pour over coffee. It has an auto shut off after 5 minutes and weight capacity up to 2 kilos.

If your coffee lover wants to take their coffee brewing to the next level, a coffee scale is one of the top coffee gifts we recommend in our coffee gift guide. We love the Hario V60, or see our full review of the best coffee scales here.

Milk Frothing Pitcher with Inbuilt Thermometer

Great gifts for latte lovers
Milk frothing pitcher with builtin thermometer

Most espresso machine owners have a milk frothing pitcher. But one of the secrets to perfectly textured milk is heating the milk to the right temperature. You can achieve this with a milk thermometer, but this milk pitcher makes it even easier with an inbuilt thermometer.

Made from food grade stainless steel, this pitcher is comfortable to hold and is dishwasher safe too. It has a 600ml capacity, making it perfect for 2 cups of coffee in the morning.

This would be the perfect addition to DIY coffee gift baskets, or great if you are looking for gifts for coffee lovers under $20 that they will use and love every day.

World Atlas of Coffee Book

Ultimate coffee snob gifts
World Atlas of Coffee James Hoffman

If you are looking for barista coffee gifts for the novice or professional barista, this book by written by James Hoffman is one of the best books for coffee lovers.

The book details the history and production of coffee around the world and explains the differences between coffee growing regions.

Complete with brewing tutorials and beautiful colour photos, this is one of the best coffee geek gifts on our list!

Best Coffee Gift Set Ideas

Coffee gift sets are always a popular choice, especially if you are looking for Christmas present ideas for coffee lovers.

Here we share a few of our favourite coffee maker gift set ideas.

Hario V60 Scale and Brewing Set

Hario V60 Pour over brewing set

This pour over coffee gift set by Hario is one of the best coffee gifts for Christmas. It has everything your coffee lover needs to get started brewing pour over coffee right away.

Complete with the Hario coffee scale, plastic pour over dripper, jug and filters, the only thing missing is a bag of locally roasted coffee beans!

A great alternative to a coffee gift basket, this Hario brewing set is sure to be a winning coffee present.

Latte Art Stencil Set

Latte art powder shakers with 16pc printing stencils

If you are looking for affordable gifts for cappuccino lovers, these stencil sets make awesome coffee gifts.

With two stainless steel shakers and 16 stencils, you can have so much fun making patterns on your favourite coffee, babyccino and cakes!

These stencils would be perfect as stocking stuffers for coffee lovers or secret santa gifts for coffee drinkers.

Best Coffee Bean Gifts

Sometimes in the search for the best gift ideas for espresso lovers we forget that a bag of great coffee beans is by far one of the top gifts for coffee lovers.

Most coffee drinkers will buy regular coffee for everyday drinking, so a bag of coffee beans from a top local coffee roaster is definitely going to be appreciated and enjoyed. They are also a great addition to homemade coffee gift hampers.

So here we share some of the best Australian coffee to give as a gift to your coffee drinking friends and family.

Pablo & Rusty’s Specialty Coffee Trio Pack

Pablo & Rusty Coffee Roasters Whole Bean Coffee

Pablo & Rusty are an Australian coffee roaster in Sydney. Not only do they roast great tasting coffee, they are B Corp certified (which means they meet high standards for social and environmental performance).

I am a big fan of this coffee and often buy it to use with my espresso machine. This trio pack gives you the chance to taste three great sustainably sourced coffee roasts – ranging from a full bodied espresso roast to a medium fruity roast.

All have a smooth finish and work well with milk based coffees and make great coffee lover’s gifts.

Lonsdale St Roasters Coffee Beans

Lonsdale St Roasters are based in Canberra and offer a large range of delicious coffee bean roasts.

This one, named “Assassin” for its ability to sneak up and surprise you with its strong finish and almond and blackberry aroma is great for espresso, stovetop and filter coffee brewing methods.

Your coffee drinking friend will love you even more when they unwrap these coffee beans from you. Give on their own or in DIY coffee gift packs.

Starbucks by Nespresso Coffee Pods

Starbucks coffee pod gifts set

When your coffee drinker owns a coffee pod machine, coffee pod gifts are always going to be a good choice as birthday presents for coffee lovers.

This set of Starbucks Nespresso pods contains 5 flavours and 60 coffee capsules in total. From a medium roast House blend (intensity 6) to a rich dark roast for espresso (intensity 11), you can enjoy the taste of Starbucks at home with these pods.

Better still the pods are recyclable, Halal and Kosher certified and make great gifts for Nespresso lovers.

Best Coffee Machine Gifts

Coffee machine gifts are one of the top coffee addict gift ideas on our list of Australian coffee gifts! Not only will they get to enjoy a great cup of coffee without leaving the house, they will save money too!

Perhaps you are looking for premium coffee wedding gifts or you are looking to impress with the ultimate Valentine’s Day gifts for coffee lovers. Whatever your motivation, here we share some of the best coffee maker gifts you can buy.

Breville Bambino Espresso Machine

Best luxury coffee gifts
Breville Bambino Plus coffee machine black truffle

This coffee machine by Breville is my new favourite home espresso machine. The latest in the line of Breville coffee machines, this machine is one of the best compact espresso machines on the market.

Digital temperature control ensures the espresso is extracted at just the right temperature. The automatic milk steam wand makes texturing milk a cinch with adjustable temperature and texturing level.

The compact size makes it suitable for most kitchens and the sleek contemporary look is the cherry on top.

The perfect wedding gift or anniversary gift, this is one of the best coffee gifts for him and her!

Aeropress Manual Coffee Maker

Awesome gifts for caffeine lovers who travel
Aeropress coffee maker set

Do you have a caffeine loving friend who also loves to camp, hike or travel? This little baby is one of the best coffee gift sets you can gift them. The Aeropress is an easy, fast and delicious way to make coffee on the go (and at home too).

It produces a smooth cup of coffee which has a light, bright taste and is low in acidity. The brew has a similar taste to that of pour over coffee makers. The set comes with everything you need including filters, scoop and a stirrer. All you need is hot water and some great coffee beans.

Obviously it is isn’t great for a large group, but the Aeropress make great coffee gifts for couples who love to get outdoors but still want to enjoy their daily cup of coffee.

Cold Brew Glass Coffee Maker

Great gifts for cold brew lovers
Cold brew filter jug

There are many ways you can make cold brew coffee. Some methods involve impressive cold drip set ups on stands, some are simple mason jars. This cold brew system is the perfect compromise between form and function and are great cold brew coffee gifts.

You simply add ground coffee beans to the stainless steel filter, add water and leave to brew. The double mesh filtration system ensures a clean taste and the drip free spout makes pouring easy.

Made with high quality glass and silicone sealed cap, this cold brew coffee maker is designed to fit in your fridge door and makes brewing, storing and pouring your cold brew so simple.

Unique Gifts for Coffee Drinkers

When your coffee lover has all the coffee accessories and machines they need, what do you buy?

It can be difficult to find unique coffee gifts for the coffee lover who has everything, but I think we have found a few coffee fanatic gifts you may not have considered.

Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Kit

Unique coffee making gifts
Royal Brew Cold Brew Nitro kit

Nitro cold brew coffee is becoming more and more popular and until now has only been available in cafes or purchased pre-made. So what is it? It is cold brew coffee charged with nitrogen to create a rich, creamy finish, similar to beer like Guinness.

There are a few home nitro brew kits on the market, but this one by Royal Brew is one of the top rated cold brew nitro kits available.

Great for parties, barbecues and entertaining, Nitro brew kits make very cool coffee gifts for Father’s Day, Christmas or any occasion really!

Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Mr Black Cold Brew coffee liqueur

Let’s face it, when you are all out of ideas for Christmas or birthday gifts, a good bottle of booze is always a great gift idea.

This bottle of award winning coffee liqueur by Mr Black is one of the best Christmas gifts for coffee lovers who love a cocktail too. Think espresso martini, white russian or an iced coffee with a little something extra!

Roasted and distilled with love in Australia from single origin coffee beans this is one of the best artisan coffee gifts and one I will be adding to my Christmas wish list.

Coffee Lover’s Jigsaw Puzzle

coffee lovers jigsaw puzzle

Searching for coffee-themed gift ideas that are a little different? This 500 pc jigsaw puzzle is worth considering.

Featuring the ingredients for 36 coffee drinks and designed like a poster, it comes packaged in a coffee-like tin and measures 50 x 35 cms when complete .

If you are looking for presents for people who like coffee, this coffee puzzle is an awesome gift idea.

Reusable Coffee Pod Filters

Reusable coffee pod filters and tamper

For the Nespresso machine owner who wants to reduce waste without investing in a new machine, these reusable coffee pod filters are fantastic espresso lover gift ideas.

Simply add ground coffee to the capsule, use the tamper to press it firm, replace the lid and pop it in your machine. The filters are dishwasher safe and can be used time after time.

Made from stainless steel, they are compatible with all Nespresso original line models.

Best Coffee Presents for Outdoors

In the past, travelling or camping often meant sacrificing coffee quality and drinking instant coffee, or just not drinking coffee at all!

Thankfully those days are in the past, with many great accessories for coffee lovers now available.

Here are just a few awesome gifts for coffee lovers who love the outdoors too.

Wacaco Manual Espresso Maker

Unique gifts for espresso lovers
wacaco nanopresso espresso maker

The Wacaco manual espresso maker is one of the coolest coffee gadgets for coffee lovers.

Perfect for travel and camping, simply add finely ground coffee, tamp and the patented pump system extracts your espresso. It produces a shot of high quality espresso (complete with crema) without any power required.

At just 350 grams in weight and 15.6cm in length, it is the perfect travel companion and one of the best espresso coffee gifts.

Rhino Manual Coffee Grinder

Best coffee grinder gift for camping
Rhinowares manual coffee grinder

One of the most important factors in brewing great coffee is freshly ground coffee. A manual coffee grinder makes this possible when camping or travelling and this one by Rhinowares is a good choice.

Made from stainless steel and with high quality conical ceramic burrs it has a 40g capacity and takes around 3 minutes to grind.

So while not great for a large group, it is a great birthday gift for coffee lover travellers who want to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee on their trip.

It is perfect for pairing with the Aeropress for the ultimate coffee lovers gift set.

Hario Coffee Dripper

Hario red plastic pourover coffee maker

The Hario coffee dripper is one of the most popular coffee makers for campers and travellers. Simply place the dripper on top of your cup, add a filter and ground coffee beans, then pour hot water. It is just so simple.

They are not only great for camping, but for home too. Less waste than brewing a full plunger or Chemex and with a more delicate taste than espresso, the Hario dripper is favoured by many coffee drinkers.

Great Stocking Fillers for Coffee Lovers

Wondering what to buy a coffee lover for Christmas or need some stocking fillers for coffee lovers?

Here are some inexpensive gifts for coffee lovers they will appreciate.

STOJO Collapsible Reusable Coffee Cup

STOJO collapsible reusable coffee cup

Coffee cup gifts are hugely popular, but for something practical and a little different, these collapsible coffee cups by STOGO are brilliant.

The STOJO pocket cup is made from food grade silicone, is leak proof and comes in a range of fun colours and sizes.

Best of all, it collapses to a convenient small size that fits easily in your handbag. If you are looking for practical coffee gifts for women, this is a great choice.

Handheld Milk Frother

handheld milk frother

If you love textured milk for your coffee, but don’t have an integrated milk steamer on your coffee maker, a handheld milk frother is great little accessory to add to your coffee bar.

This one has three speeds, charges via USB and comes with an extra large whisk for beating eggs and cream for baking. It is very simple to use and is a great idea if you are looking for stocking stuffers for coffee lovers.

Coffee scoop and clip set

Stainless steel coffee clip and scoop

This 2 piece coffee scoop and clip set is a great choice if you are looking for small coffee gifts. The scoop can be used to measure your coffee and the handy clip seals your coffee bag to keep your beans fresh.

The scoops are made from stainless steel and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Caim & Able Coffee Scrub

Coffee scrub

This premium coffee scrub is not only great for Christmas presents for coffee drinkers, it would also be perfect as Mother’s Day gifts for coffee lovers.

Made with coffee beans from the Daintree, pink salt and Australian native botanicals, this scrub is a lovely coffee related gift idea.

Secret Santa Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Finally we have some secret santa gifts for coffee lovers. Whether you need to buy a secret santa gift for a coworker, friend or relative, we share some affordable and fun coffee gifts in this list.

Telescopic Reusable Straws

Retractable straws

If you are looking for coffee themed gifts that are a little different, these telescopic straws are fun gifts for iced coffee lovers.

Complete with cleaning brush and handy clip to attach to your bag or keyring, you will never need to use a plastic straw again!

Latte Coffee Socks

latte coffee socks for secret santa gifts

A fun Kris Kringle gift for a co-worker or relative, these unisex Latte socks come in a cardboard coffee cup.

Made from a stretch cotton blend, they are a ‘one-size fits most’ size, these coffee socks are also great as a stocking filler and are a great novelty Christmas gift for your coffee loving friends.

Novelty Coffee Mug

caffeine coffee cup

Possibly the the most popular Kris Kringle present – novelty coffee mugs make funny coffee gifts for co-workers.

We love the range of coffee mugs gifts offered by Yellow Octopus. From practical to silly to rude, if you are looking for the best coffee mugs for gifts, Yellow Octopus is a great place to find them.

Salted Caramel Coffee Syrup

Coffee syrup

For lovers of flavoured coffee, Monin make some of the best coffee syrup gifts.

With flavour options like vanilla, hazelnut and regular caramel, your black or iced coffee will never be the same again once you have tasted these syrups!

If you are looking for the best gifts for coffee lovers under $25, a bottle of premium coffee syrup is a great choice.

Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Chocolate coated coffee beans

Chocolate coated coffee beans are a great option for a coffee drinking coworker or relative you don’t know what well.

They come in both dark and milk chocolate options and are a popular choice for secret santa coffee gifts.

More gift ideas for coffee lovers

I hope you found this guide to the top coffee gifts for the coffee connoisseur helpful. You can find more luxury coffee gifts on our coffee equipment page and all our reviews of coffee accessories can be found here.

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