The best scales for coffee brewing Australia [2021 Guide]

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If you want to make consistently great tasting coffee, investing in the best coffee scales Australia has on offer is essential. The best scales for coffee brewing can take your coffee skills to the next level so you can enjoy delicious coffee at home, every day.

If you’ve been considering purchasing a coffee scale, yet you are not sure which one is best or what features you need, then our coffee scale reviews will help you choose. 

In this detailed guide I will take you through everything you need to know when buying a coffee bean scale. Whether you’re looking for the best scale for coffee pour over brewing, the best espresso scale, or the best kitchen scale for coffee, I am confident you will find the coffee brewing scale that has everything you need here.

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Digital coffee scale on bench with gooseneck kettle pouring over ground beans

Best scales for coffee brewing comparison chart

Below is a quick reference table with all the coffee weighing scales reviewed within this guide.  It lists the various features side by side to help you choose a coffee scale that’s right for you.

Keep reading below for more information on each of the coffee dosing scales listed below.

ImageModelCapacityAuto TareRatingPrice
Hario V60 Coffee Scales2000 gmsNo5.0Check
Acaia Pearl coffee Brewing ScalesAcaia Pearl espresso scale2000 gmsYes5.0Check
Hiroia Jimmy barista scalesHiroia Jimmy espresso scale2000 gmsYes5.0Check
Brewista Ratio Coffee Brewing Scales2000 gmsYes4.8Check
Rhino Coffee Gear Bench Scales AustraliaRhino Coffee Gear Barista Scales2000 gmsNo4.5Check
Ten Mile Coffee Drip ScaleTen Mile Coffee Drip Scale3000 gmsNo4.6Check
Brewista Smart Coffee Scale2000 gmsYes4.5Check
ERAVSOW Drip Coffee Scale with timer3000 gmsNo4.2Check
LEAF & BEAN Digital Coffee Scale3000 gmsNo4.2Check
Rhino Coffee Gear Pocket bean scaleRhino Coffee Gear Digital Pocket Scale500 gmsNo4.4Check

What is a coffee scale and why do I need one?

Coffee brewing is an art that takes time to master. Each time you brew a cup of coffee, there are many factors that influence the final taste. Coffee bean roast, bean freshness, immersion time and water volume are just a few.

So why are coffee scales one of the best coffee accessories for coffee lovers? Without an accurate measure, you are simply guessing at the flavours that will flow into your cup.

With the best coffee scale you are taking a more scientific approach to your brew. And the result will be a better cup of coffee, every time. It takes much of the guesswork out of the coffee brewing process and helps achieve consistency in three ways:

They accurately weigh your coffee grounds and water.

Some can monitor the coffee to water ratio in real time to maximise coffee flavour.

With an inbuilt timer the scale can monitor the optimal brewing time.

These three factors are relevant for most coffee brewing methods, however they are especially important for pour over coffee, espresso and french press coffee.

Best scale for coffee making summary

Listed below are the 10 coffee scales and model numbers we cover in our coffee scale reviews.

  • Hario VST-200B V60 Drip Scale
  • Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale
  • Hiroia Jimmy Espresso Scale
  • Brewista BWRRS1 Ratio Scale
  • Rhino Coffee Gear Bench Scale – 2kg
  • Ten Mile Black Coffee Drip Scale
  • Brewista BSSRB2 Smart Scale Version II
  • Eravsow Digital Hand Drip Coffee Scale
  • Leaf & Bean DLE0072 Coffee Scale with Timer
  • Rhino Coffee Gear 500g Pocket Coffee Dosing Scale

Things to consider when buying the best coffee scale 2021

The best digital scale for coffee has a number of features not commonly found on regular kitchen scales. In order to purchase the best barista scales, consider the following factors.


Unlike most regular kitchen scales, the best scales for coffee have much greater accuracy. Gram measurement is the key to improving consistency so look for a scale that measures grams, ideally down to 0.1 gms.

The very best coffee scales will be sensitive enough to detect changes in weight as a result of temperature and evaporation.


A good quality scale for weighing coffee will often have a timer. This is particularly useful for time sensitive brewing methods like pour over and when pulling a shot of espresso on a manual machine.

You can find a kitchen scale with timer, the difference is the best coffee scale with timer will not only manually time your pour, it will also automatically guide your pour and track it over time too.

Espresso scale weighing espresso pouring into cup

Tare function

Many regular scales have a tare function which resets the scale to zero when objects are placed on top. At the very least, look for a coffee scale with a tare function.

The best scale for coffee will have an auto tare function, which will automatically detect and adjust the weight as you add the cup and coffee.

Auto shut off override

Many kitchen scales will have an auto shut off to conserve battery life. Which is great, until you are brewing a pot of pour over coffee in your Chemex and the scale switches off!

The best pour over coffee scale will feature an auto shut off override function, or have the ability to set a longer time set before it is switched off.

Water Resistant

When you use coffee scales, it is highly likely you will spill coffee or water on the scales at some point.

Some of the best scales for coffee brewing feature waterproof or water resistant materials. At the very least they often have a removable pad to cover and protect the platform when in use.

French press with coffee beans on barista scales


If you are looking for a coffee scale for travel, camping or the workplace, then look for one that is lightweight and compact.

While most of the coffee bean scales on our list are relatively light, the best digital pocket scale will be small enough to pop in your backpack. You will find our review of one of the best options in our list.

Size and Capacity

Before purchasing a coffee scale, consider the brewing method you want to use it for. If you predominately drink pour over coffee, ensure your brewer will fit on the platform. Also check the total capacity is greater than the combined weight of our coffee maker and coffee.

If you need an espresso scale, look for one that is small enough to fit on your drip tray to measure your espresso shots.

Power supply

If you use your coffee scales every day, take note of the type of power supply, especially if you need a pour over coffee scale.

Some use regular batteries, others use lithium batteries, some use rechargeable batteries and others recharge via USB or can be plugged into a standard power source.

Best coffee scales Australia 2021 reviews

Hario Scale Review

Best coffee scales Australia

Hario is a brand synonymous with quality coffee accessories and the Hario V60 scale is no different. In fact it is our top recommendation as the best coffee scales Australia has to offer for coffee enthusiasts and home baristas.

Like all good quality coffee weighing scales, the Hario coffee scale is accurate down to 0.1 grams. It also has an integrated timer for perfecting your pour over bloom and pouring times.

The 5 minute auto power off is disabled if the timer has been activated, which is a really great function when brewing pour over coffee. Many cheaper scales do not have this function, which is why we think it is the best scale for chemex brewing.

In addition, the Hario drip scale is made from water resistant resin but it isn’t waterproof. The scale is battery operated (2 x AAA batteries) and measures 12 cm x 19 cm. It fits comfortably under all Hario servers, the V60 drip stand and the classic Chemex brewer.

If you are looking for a top rated coffee scale, the Hario V60 drip scale is a great option. Easy to use, with useful features and an easy to see display you can’t really go wrong with this pour over coffee scale.

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Acaia Pearl Review

Best Espresso Scale
Acaia coffee scale with timer

Acaia make some of the best espresso scales on the market. Both the Acaia Pearl and the super premium Acaia Lunar coffee scale are high quality barista accessories that will take your coffee making skills to the next level.

While the Acaia scale may have a minimalist design, it is anything but minimalist in function. Built with laboratory grade technology, it is accurate down to 1/10th of a gram and has a fast 20 millisecond response time.

These coffee scales are all about precision when pulling espresso or brewing pour over coffee. Both time and weight are displayed and the auto-off function is disabled while brewing. There are 6 pre-set modes including espresso, pour over and manual, integrated timer and auto tare.

Not only that, with bluetooth capability the Acaia Pearl coffee scale pairs with the Acaia app for full brew management and tracking. The app also allows you to adjust the settings, including the auto-off timer.

At just 13 cm x 14 cm, this compact coffee scale fits comfortably on your espresso machine drip tray to use for pulling shots. Yet it is still big enough for your pour over coffee maker. It comes in black or white with a rechargeable lithium battery.

New baristas and coffee enthusiasts will be well on their way to achieving a perfectly balanced brew with this scale. If you are looking for the best scale for espresso, you simply can’t go past the Acaia Pearl scale.

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Hiroia Jimmy Espresso Scale Review

Top of the range barista scales
Hiroia Jimmy Espresso & Brewing scale

The Hiroia Jimmy espresso scale is a super premium all in one smart scale with a detachable display to enable you the flexibility to monitor your brew whilst away from your machine.

Accurate down to 0.1g, there are 4 customisable brewing modes – espresso, pour over, scale and training. Auto-tare, auto start and auto timer functions also make brewing precise and the 32 bit processor makes firmware and feature updates easy too.

The Hiroia Jimmy coffee scale is 16 cm x 16cm, water resistant and comes with a rechargeable USB power supply.

Bluetooth enabled and paired with the app, it will monitor your pour in real time and store all your data to help you achieve the perfectly balanced cup of coffee. You can even set up training mode to practice pouring speeds in order to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. This feature makes it a great coffee scale for cafes and trainee baristas.

If you are looking for the most responsive and innovative coffee scale on the market, you can’t go past the Hiroia Jimmy coffee scale.

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Brewista Ratio Drip Scale with Timer Review

Best pour over scale

The Brewista Ratio scale offers the ultimate in functionality for pour over coffee brewing and is one of the highest rated scales for coffee lovers.

With dual timing bars, adjustable water to coffee ratios and auto timer, nothing is left to chance. The scale will even calculate the amount of water required based on the weight of the grinds. Another great feature is the pouring speed guide bar which helps you achieve a consistent tasting brew.

Accurate down to 1/10 of a gram, these coffee scales have an auto tare function and are water resistant. The silicone pad helps lengthen the life of the scale and the USB rechargeable battery will save you the cost of single use batteries. And of course, the manual function allows you to use the scale like any other regular scale.

The Brewista BWRRS1 scales are on the larger side at 20 cm x 16 cm. Despite the dimensions, for anyone serious about perfecting pour over coffee, this is the the best scale for pour over coffee.

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Rhino Coffee Scales Review

Rhino Coffee Gear Bench scales

Whether you love french press coffee, drip or espresso, the Rhino Coffee Gear coffee scale will help you weigh your beans consistently every time.

Accurate down to 0.1g, the Rhino scale is perfect for weighing coffee beans. It is also great for measuring grounds for your drip filter coffee or precisely measuring coffee grinds for your espresso or refillable Nespresso pods.

The larger 15 cm x 16 cm stainless steel platform makes it a good portafilter scale and the tare and auto off functions make measurement simple. The unit includes a 9V battery.

Note this scale does not include a timer, so is not the right choice if you are looking for a Chemex scale. However, for espresso and french press lovers, the Rhino coffee scale is a great option.

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Ten Mile Coffee Drip Scale Review

Best coffee scale for large brewers
Ten Mile coffee bean scale

The Ten Mile coffee scale is one of the best all round coffee scale options on the Aussie market. With a large capacity of 3 kgs, it is perfect for all styles of coffee brewing including pour over, cold brew, french press and espresso.

Accurate to 0.1g, it has an in-built timer for timing your pour over brew, selectable auto-off, tare and calibration features. The removable heat pad protects the scales from spills and the well lit LED display makes is super easy to read.

At a compact 12.6 cm x 12.6 cm, the Ten Mile coffee drip scale runs on 2 AAA batteries and offers everything you need to make great coffee at home.

For the everyday home barista looking for the best scale for coffee and baking, this scale is a really great option and offers good value for money.

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Brewista Smart Coffee Scale II Review

The Brewista Smart Scale is a top choice for coffee lovers who brew espresso and pour over coffee in equal measure.

With 6 preset user modes for pour over, espresso and manual, coffee lovers will quickly improve the consistency of their coffee preparation with this coffee bean scale. In addition, the auto tare and auto timer functions make using the coffee scale a breeze.

This Brewista scale is accurate down to 0.1 grams, and has an auto shut off that can be set for 1, 2 or 3 minutes. The unit is also made of water resistant material and comes with a USB rechargeable battery that should only need topping up every few days.

The package includes a handy tray for weighing coffee beans and a silicone pad to reduce weight variations caused by temperature fluctuations. It is quite compact at just 10 cm x 12 cm and can fit on most espresso machine trays or kitchen bench.

With plenty of modes to choose from, the Brewista Smart Scale II is ideal for budding home baristas.

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Eravsow Digital Hand Drip Coffee Scale Review

If you are just starting out and looking for a good scale for weighing and brewing coffee, the Eravsow coffee scales are worth considering.

With accurate measurement down to 1g, they have a built in timer and large LCD screen. It also has a tare function, auto shut off after 5 minutes and 2 AAA batteries. Basically it offers all the basic coffee measurement functions at an affordable price.

The stainless steel platform sits atop one of the largest digital coffee scales on our list at 19 cm x 15 cm, which makes it convenient to use for other foods in the kitchen.

The Eravsow digital scales are a good all rounder for those looking for an affordable coffee scale.

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Leaf and Bean Coffee Scale and Timer Review

Best kitchen scale for coffee

Like the Eravsow coffee scale, this precision coffee scale with timer by Leaf & Bean is a good option for coffee lovers who don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Accurate down to 1g, it has a large capacity of 3 kgs for larger coffee brewers, and includes a timer, tare and auto off power functions. The built in timer can be set manually or automatically to time your pour or immersion time.

The stainless steel 17 cm x 16 cm platform is easy to clean and useful for weighing other foods too. Not it requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

If you looking for a basic coffee scale, this one by Leaf & Bean is a good one to consider.

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Rhino Coffee Gear Digital Pocket Scale Review

Best digital pocket scale for travel
Rhino Coffee Gear coffee scales for travel

Finally we have the compact coffee dosing scale from Rhino Coffee Gear. Perfect for travel, camping or for work, it has a handy flip top lid to protect the scale and is just 7cm x 6.5cm in size.

The 0.1g accuracy provides you with precise coffee measures and the stainless steel platform is a durable design. The small capacity of 500g makes it most useful with manual coffee grinders and small manual coffee makers like the Aeropress.

For lovers of coffee and travel, the Rhino Coffee Gear pocket dosing scale is the answer to perfectly balanced coffee on the road.

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I hope you found our coffee scale reviews helpful. They are a great gift idea for coffee lovers and can be paired with a manual coffee grinder.

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