The Best Filter Coffee Machine Australia (2024 Guide)

Published: // Updated: April 8, 2024
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The best filter coffee machine Australia has is one of the simplest ways to make café style coffee in the comfort of your own home. 

A drip filter coffee maker is highly recommended for people looking to buy their first coffee machine or even for people who love a manual pour over brew but want to automate the process.

You will notice there are quite a few best drip coffee maker Australia options.  While they all follow the same or similar brewing method, differences come with the size of the machine, it’s capacity, carafe type, and the various program options.

So if you’re in the market for the best drip coffee machine Australia has, then you’re in the right place!

In this best drip coffee maker guide, I not only take you through all the various factors to consider when purchasing a coffee filter machine, but I also compare some of the best drip coffee makers currently on the market.

Filter coffee pot on pot warmer with ground coffee, coffee beans and mug.

This guide covers the best drip coffee machine with grinder, the best drip coffee maker with thermal carafe, the best high end drip coffee maker, the best affordable drip coffee maker and more. 

So no matter what you’re after or what your budget is, you’ll find the best options for you in these reviews.

So let’s get into it and check out the best filter coffee machines!

The Best Drip Coffee Maker Australia 2024 Comparison

So what are the best drip coffee makers? Below is the best filter coffee machine comparison table, where you can see all the different options reviewed within this guide. 

The table lists the various features side by side to help you decide which is the best drip filter coffee machine Australia has for you.

My Pick: The Best Filter Coffee Machine Australia

If you are short on time to read all of our reviews of drip coffee makers and just want to hear my recommendation, I love the Breville Precision coffee maker.

Breville the Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Machine

The Breville Precision has so many options, which means you can make your coffee exactly how you like it. 

Plus, you can save all your preferences on the machine, so you don’t need to make the adjustments each time. 

It also comes with a thermal carafe, which means the coffee stays hot for longer.  Perfect for drinking coffee on those lazy mornings.



Difference Between Drip, Filter And Pour Over Coffee Machines

People often interchangeably use the term drip, filter or pour over coffee machine – so is there any difference?

Drip vs Filter Coffee Machines

Well there is no difference between drip and filter coffee – they are one and the same thing. 

The correct term is actually a drip coffee machine, but many Aussies call them filter coffee machines given the coffee grounds sit inside a basket with a filter.

Drip Coffee vs Pour Over Coffee Makers

There is, however, a subtle difference between drip and pour over coffee machines. 

The main difference between drip and automatic pour over coffee machines is how the water is dispensed over the ground coffee.

With a drip coffee machine, water is dripped in a continuous stream over a basket in which the coffee grounds are placed.  The water then works its way through the grinds until it reaches the pot as coffee.

The pour over method has been around for a long time.  The manual version requires specialised equipment and is a complex and intricate brewing process. 

However, now you can still get the benefits of a pour over brew in an automatic machine. 

An automatic pour over machine waits until the water has reached the optimal temperature and then gradually disperses the water over the grinds using wider shower heads and following strict timing.

For all intents and purposes an automatic pour over machine is the same as a drip coffee maker, and we share some of the best options in our reviews below.

Next we are going to cover what you should consider when buying a filter coffee machine, but if you are ready to read the reviews, click here to hop straight to them.

Man pouring coffee from drip coffee pot into cup.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Drip Coffee Machine Australia

When it comes to the best coffee dripper machine, there are some great options on the market.

But at the end of the day, the best drip coffee maker on the market is different for everyone, as it really comes down to your individual preferences and circumstances. 

To buy the best filter coffee maker that is perfect for you, consider the following factors.

Carafe Size

When comparing the best drip coffee machines, the first thing you need to consider is how many people you will be brewing coffee for at any given time.

Will it just be for yourself? If so, will the best small filter coffee machine suffice, or do you drink multiple cups?

Or perhaps there are a few of you who drink coffee simultaneously, so you are best to purchase a large drip coffee maker.

In terms of the size, consider the capacity of the carafe that holds the coffee.

Usually, these are measured as the number of cups or how many litres it contains. 

What is a standard “cup”?

For coffee makers a standard coffee cup size is generally around 125 – 150 ml and not necessarily a regular coffee mug which is around double that size.

Carafe Type

The best automatic drip coffee makers will come with either a glass or thermal carafe – glass being the most common.  So what is the difference between glass and thermal?

The main difference between a glass and a thermal carafe is their ability to keep the coffee hot.  Glass carafes typically use a hot plate to keep the coffee hot.  This is fine for short periods, but if the coffee is left too long, it will start to stew and become bitter.

On the other hand, drip coffee makers with thermal carafe use insulation to keep the coffee hot.  The carafe does not sit on a hot plate, so the coffee’s flavour does not change. 

This makes a thermal carafe ideal for those who want to drink multiple cups of coffee over a long period.  A filter coffee machine with thermal jug is also less likely to break than a glass carafe.

Glass tends to be a lot cheaper than the best thermal drip coffee maker and also more common.  Most coffee lovers would even agree that other advantages of a glass carafe are that it allows the aroma of coffee to waft through the kitchen and is easier to clean.

Overall a glass carafe should suffice for those wanting to drink their fill of coffee in 10 – 30 minutes after it’s been brewed. 

If you’re the sort of person that likes to drink multiple cups of coffee over an hour or so – then a thermal carafe will be best.

Metal drip coffee maker on kitchen bench with coffee mugs.

Number Of Programmable Settings

Like any coffee machine on the market, a good drip coffee maker may come with various programmable options and display settings.

Some machines allow you to set it the night before so that the brewing starts at a specific time so you can wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee. 

The best coffee drip machine will usually come with a digital display, which makes it easy to program your machine. Some offer brew strengths and the ability to program your favourite settings.

Another handy feature to consider is an auto shut off feature so the machine turns itself off after a certain period after brewing.

Water Filter

Some drip coffee makers come with integrated water filters. These improve the taste of your water, and are particularly useful if you live in an area with hard or poor tasting water.

Note that water filters do need to be replaced regularly, so it is an ongoing cost you need to factor in when comparing coffee makers in addition to the need for regular machine cleaning and descaling.

SCA Certification

The Speciality Coffee Association is a nonprofit membership organisation that represents coffee professional all over the world.

They also run a certified brewer program, which reviews home brewers against their coffee brewing standards.

Coffee makers that are submitted and pass SCA certification are considered top of class in the home brewer range.

Overall Size

Last but not least, you will want to consider the overall size of the machine.  This is particularly important if you have a small kitchen.

Most people keep their coffee machines out on their kitchen bench permanently.

So it’s worth measuring the space you want to store your machine first and then compare this to the various machines you’re considering purchasing.

Sunbeam and Breville Filter Coffee Makers in Retail Store.

Best Drip Coffee Maker Reviews Australia 2024

If you’re after the best automatic drip coffee maker, then keep reading for all our detailed reviews below. 

These are the best drip coffee makers Australia currently has on the market.

1. Breville Precision Drip Coffee Machine Review

Overall best drip coffee brewer

Breville the Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Machine

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 170x310x400 mm
  • Auto start: Yes
  • Capacity: 1.8 L




If you’re after a top of the line filter drip coffee maker, then the Precision Breville Drip Coffee Machine is what you want to be looking at. 

This is by no means a cheap drip coffee maker, in fact this is one of the very best high end drip coffee makers currently on the Aussie market.

You can do it all with these stainless steel Breville drip coffee makers. 

Breville Precision Brewer Features

It has multiple preset coffee modes including regular brewed coffee, iced coffee, cold brew, pour over and more.  The best function is the “My Brew” function, where you can program in all your favourite personal settings, so you don’t need to make adjustments each time.

Talking about adjustments, this best programmable drip coffee maker comes with loads of variable settings so you can make your coffee just how you like it – hence the name “Precision”. 

You can control the temperature, coffee strength, bloom rate, flow rate, or if you prefer a pour over, you can use a drip adaptor.  Of course, there is also the “Gold” mode, where the machine will take care of the settings for you according to the SCA standard.

It is also the only electric drip coffee machine in these reviews that comes with a thermal carafe (1.8 litres), and it brews in around 10 minutes.

But the generous capacity makes it ideal for large coffee drinking households, the home office where you might want to drink multiple cups of coffee over a period of time or for those lazy weekend mornings. 

But perhaps the feature that tops them all is that if you’re rushing out the door and just need a single cuppa, you can brew a single cuppa directly into your keep cup without the carafe even in place!


Full suite of customisable settings

Single cup brew option

SCA certified coffee maker


Premium price point

Pour over adaptor sold separately

No brew pause

In terms of the best auto drip coffee maker – the Breville Precision is hard to beat. 

It does come with a hefty price tag though. But, if you want full control over your brew and the best automatic filter coffee maker is what you’re after, these Breville drip coffee makers will not disappoint.

>> Click here to check the Precision brewer price and reviews on Amazon

2. Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Filter Machine Review

Moccamaster KBG Select, Coffee Machines, Filter Coffee Machine, Black, UK Plug, 1.25 Liters

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 325x170x355 mm
  • Auto start: No
  • Capacity: 1.2 L


With Technivorm Moccamaster, you’ll be taken back decades when your parents had the old school coffee pot on the kitchen bench. 

But don’t let its vintage design fool you; the Technivorm Moccamaster is yet another SCA approved, top of the line coffee machine.

Handmade in the Netherlands, this paper filter coffee machine is built to last for years and is consistently rated as one of the top coffee makers.

Technivorm Moccamaster Features

It features a high grade aluminium casing with a 1.25l high grade glass carafe.  The automatic filter coffee maker also has a heavy duty copper boiler to maintain a consistent temperature to ensure a balanced flavour. 

Compared to the Breville Precision, there are not many customisable functions on this coffee maker, but it is narrower and shorter at 325w x 170d x 355h (mm).

The brewing cycle has a built in bloom phase when the coffee grounds are saturated.

The 9 hole shower head is designed to ensure even saturation of the coffee grounds to encourage an even extraction. 

Once your coffee is perfectly brewed, you can choose from two temperature settings for the hot plate, which will keep your coffee hot for up to 40 minutes.

Other features of this best coffee maker drip machine include a brewing time of just 5-6 minutes (so no brew pause is required), an illuminated on / off switch, an automatic switch off function and it comes with a box of 100 filters.


Sturdy, built to last

SCA certified coffee maker

Rapid brew time


Premium price point

No custom functions

No auto start

The electric filter coffee maker comes in a range of great colours. Of course, there is this the old school brown colour your parents probably had!

But there are also some funky colours like red, pink and aqua.  In fact, there are 16 colours to choose from so you’ll no doubt find something to match your kitchen decor.

So if you’re considering one of the top drip coffee makers but also want something to make a statement on your kitchen bench, then you can’t go wrong with the Technivorm Moccamaster.

>> Click here to check the Moccamaster price on Amazon

3. Ratio Six Automatic Coffee Maker Review

Best one touch filter coffee maker

Ratio Six Drip Coffee Maker

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 340x170x360 mm
  • Auto start: No
  • Capacity: 1.3 L


The Ratio Six coffee maker is finally in Australia and gives the Technivorm Moccamaster a run for its money!

Designed in Portland, USA, the Ratio Six is a gorgeous drip coffee maker that has been designed for simplicity to brew the perfect cup of coffee and is certified by the SCA as one of the top coffee makers on the market.

Ratio Six Features

The Ratio Six features a high grade stainless steel casing with a 1.3l glass carafe and laboratory-grade hand-blown borosilicate glass water lines. 

The stainless steel showerhead mimics a manual pour over, ensuring maximum and even saturation of the coffee grounds at the perfect temperature.

Like the Moccamaster there is no auto start, programs or options to choose from – you simply press the button and let it do its thing.

The thermal carafe will keep your coffee warm for an hour or so and the brewer uses #4 filters.


Sturdy, built to last

SCA certified coffee maker

5 year warranty


Premium price point

No custom functions

No auto start

The Ratio comes in a choice of black, white or silver and is nice and compact too.

If you are after a sleek and simple drip coffee maker that can brew a perfect cup of coffee in under 10 minutes, the Ratio Coffee Maker is well worth considering.

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4. Aroma Style LCM700 Breville Drip Coffee Maker Review

Best inexpensive drip coffee maker

The Aroma Style Electronic

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 182x264x340 mm
  • Auto start: Yes
  • Capacity: 1.5 L



Breville is one of the most popular drip coffee maker brands, so it’s no surprise these best filter coffee machine reviews feature a few Breville options – like the Aroma Style LCM700 (which is the successory to the BCM600). 

This is also a great one to consider if you’re after the best budget drip coffee maker.

Breville Aroma Style Features

This Breville 12 cup drip filter coffee machine has a stainless steel design with a large 12 cup glass carafe hinged lid and is the perfect size for households after an entry level coffee maker. 

Note it is isn’t recommended to brew less than 4 cups, so this coffee maker is best suited to larger households with multiple coffee drinkers.

Despite being the best budget drip coffee maker, it even comes with the ability to program it the night before so that you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee.

The coffee is brewed to perfection with the multiple flow system, which ensures the optimum extraction process, 2 brew strength controls and a brew pause function to sneak a sip before the cycle completes. 

The warming plate will keep your coffee warm for up to 2 hours and will auto shut off at that time.

Plus, this electric drip coffee maker has a removable mesh filter basket with a removable filter holder, so there is no need for paper filters.  This means even less cost in the long run and better for the environment too.

At 182w x 264d x 340h cm it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the bench and should comfortably fit under your overhead cabinets.


Value price point

Coffee strength controls

No paper filters required


Condensed water may drip down back of machine

Few customisations

Large capacity may not suit

With it’s easy to read LCD screen, this Breville drip filter coffee maker is ideal for anyone after their very first drip coffee maker. 

It comes with everything you need for great coffee, plus with its stainless steel design, it will look great in your kitchen too.

>> Click here to check the Aroma machine price on Amazon

5. Sunbeam Easy Clean Drip Filter Coffee Machine Review

Sunbeam Easy Clean Drip Filter Coffee Machine

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 351x236x365 mm
  • Auto start: Yes
  • Capacity: 1.7 L


Another excellent option for those wanting the best budget filter coffee machine is the Sunbeam drip coffee machine. 

It is a similar price and size to the previous Breville coffee maker and comes with similar features. It is an excellent alternative for those searching for the best cheap drip coffee maker.

Sunbeam PC7800 Features

The Sunbeam 12 cup drip filter coffee machine is simple to use thanks to the easy to read LED display.  It also has a water gauge, so you can always ensure you have the correct amount of water in the machine, depending on how many cups you need to brew.

This best buy drip coffee maker also features a mesh filter basket, so no paper filters, which reduces cost and waste.  This also makes for easy cleaning.

For a cheap coffee maker with built in filter, the Sunbeam coffee maker has some neat little features. 

First of all, you can set the machine to brew at a particular time, so you can wake each morning to have freshly brewed coffee. 

Plus, it has an anti drip valve which means you can remove the glass carafe at any time, so you can pour a cuppa before it finishes brewing if you just can’t wait! 

Like the Breville Aroma it is recommended to brew at least 4 cups at a time and it also comes with a hot plate designed to keep your coffee hot for up to 4 hours.

Note it is a little taller than most at 351 x 236 x 365 mm, so check the dimensions suit your kitchen.


Value price point

Long warming plate timer

Programmable start time


No brew strength control

Minimum 4 cup brew capacity

When it comes to best buy filter coffee machines, you really can’t go wrong with either this Sunbeam coffee machine or the previous Breville filter coffee machine although the Sunbeam doesn’t have brew strength controls. 

Both machines have similar features and are a great option for those after their first filter coffee machine.

>> Click here to check the Sunbeam machine price and reviews on Amazon

6. Clessidra De’Longhi Filter Coffee Machine Review

Best pour over drip coffee maker

De'Longhi | Clessidra Drip Coffee Machine | ICM17210 | Pour-Over Coffee at The Touch of A Button | Grey

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 188x280x330 mm
  • Auto start: No
  • Capacity: 1.25 L


For lovers of pour over coffee, the Clessidra from De’Longhi is certainly one to consider. 

With its stunning hourglass design, the Clessidra De’longhi drip coffee maker looks fantastic and is really quite different to other machines. 

Delonghi Clessidra Features

A certified ECBC brewer, it has a 10 cup capacity and a rapid brew time of 4-6 minutes. At 188w x 280d x330h it has a nice compact design and should fit comfortably on your kitchen countertop.

This De’longhi filter coffee machine gives you the option of standard drip coffee, or with the push of a button, it can replicate the manual pour over method.

In pour over mode, water is automatically pulsed through a 6 hole showerhead. This results in the water being more evenly distributed over the grounds to ensure the flavours are optimally extracted and result in a longer, more intense brewing process. 

The hourglass design and large 1.25 litre borosilicate glass carafe are essential visual elements for the ritual of slow dripping coffee.

Whether you choose standard drip coffee or the longer pour over method, for those who can’t wait for their first cup of coffee of the day, you’ll love the anti drip mechanism. 

This allows you to remove the carafe mid process and the Delonghi drip coffee maker will automatically stop dispensing water.

Some other great features of the Clessidra slow drip coffee maker include a hot plate that will keep the coffee warm for up to 40 minutes, a descaling alert when its time to clean, an auto shut off function and a water level indicator.


ECBC certified machine

Pour over option

Contemporary Italian design


Paper filters required

No auto start function

Whether you’re a lover of pour over coffee and looking to automate the process or perhaps you’re keen to try something new other than standard filter coffee, the Clessidra Delonghi filter coffee maker is certainly one to consider. 

It’s a gorgeous looking coffee maker and has a great reputation for making delectable coffee, time and time again.

>> Click here to check the Clessidra price on Amazon

7. Morphy Richards Drip Coffee Maker Review

Morphy Richards 1100W Accents 1.8L/12Cup Filter Coffee Machine Rose Gold/Black

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 180x280x370 mm
  • Auto start: Yes
  • Capacity: 1.8 L


If you’re looking for a large filter coffee machine with a compact footprint, the Morphy Richards drip coffee maker is one to check out. 

This best coffee drip maker is a great looking simple coffee machine with its mostly matte black finish and rose gold accents.

It is a great machine for those after their first coffee machine or another option for the best drip coffee maker under $100.

Morphy Richards Coffee Maker Features

It is a 12 cup coffee maker with a large 1.8 litre capacity and a water level indicator to easily see when its time to fill. The narrow dimensions of 180w x 280d x 370h (mm) to suit most kitchens.

The Morphy Richards drip brew coffee maker is simple to use, thanks to the easy to use LCD screen. 

From here, you can also program your timer, so you can have coffee ready the minute you open your eyes each morning.

This drip coffee maker has a glass 1.8 litre carafe with a hinged lid and rose accented handle. 

Plus, for those in a rush, you’ll appreciate the anti drip mechanism, which allows you to remove the carafe mid brewing process for a sneaky cuppa.

This machine features a hotplate that will keep your coffee warm for up to 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, it will also automatically switch off.


Affordable machine

Programmable start

Modern design


No custom settings

Short hot plate heat time

For a simple, easy to use, no fuss drip coffee maker that not only looks great but makes fantastic tasting coffee – the Morphy Richards coffee maker is certainly one to consider.  It won’t blow your budget either.

>> Click here to check the Morphy Richards machine price on Amazon

8. 50s Retro Smeg Filter Coffee Machine Review

Smeg Retro Filter Coffee Machine Pastel Blue.

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 245x361x256 mm
  • Auto start: Yes
  • Capacity: 1.4 L


Last but not least, we have the super trendy, retro Smeg filter coffee machine! 

This is such a cool looking coffee machine that comes in a great range of colours. It’s not only going to look fantastic in your kitchen, but it will undoubtedly be a huge conversation starter when friends come to visit.

So we know this cool 50’s design coffee machine looks fantastic – but does it make great tasting coffee? 

Well, read any Smeg drip filter coffee machine review and you’ll see the answer is yes! 

Smeg Drip Coffee Maker Features

Select between the aroma intensity you prefer – either delicate or intense.  It also comes with a range of functions such as a preset timer, 60 minutes keep warm and auto shut off.

This best drip coffee machine has features a sleek stainless steel body and a 1.4 litre glass carafe (10 cups).  It is nice and compact at 245w x 256d x 361h (mm). It can also brew smaller quantities easily thanks to the 1-4 cup setting.

Other great features include an easy to use LED screen, which comes with a clock, water level indicator and antislip base.


Coffee strength options

1-4 cup brew option

Programmable start


Premium price point

Limited customisations for the price

As mentioned above, the main drawcard to this coffee machine is its funky retro design and amazing colour options. 

Choose from colours such as pastel blue, white, red, black and more!  No doubt this is the best looking coffee machine in these drip filter coffee machine reviews.

>> Click here to check the price at The Good Guys

Before You Go

I hope you found this guide to the best auto drip coffee makers helpful. If you are interested to know more about manual brewing, read our reviews of the best pour over coffee makers here.

Plus if you want to brew the freshest coffee, pair your coffee maker with the best coffee grinder.

You can read more coffee maker reviews here or find all the best coffee gear here.

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