The best automatic coffee machine Australia [2021 Guide]

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If you’re tired of your stopping by the coffee shop every morning on your way to work and want to enjoy cafe style coffee at home, then it’s time to invest in one of the best automatic coffee machines Australia has.  An automatic espresso coffee machine is a great place to start if you’re new to home coffee machines – but knowing what to buy can be an absolute brain overload!

There are so many different options when it comes to the best automatic espresso machine 2021 offers.  First of all, how automatic do you want your machine – semi automatic, fully automatic, or how about super automatic?  Who knew there were so many levels of a machine being automatic. 

Then automatic espresso coffee machines have various features like built in milk frothers, grinders, water tank sizes, cups warming trays – and it just goes on and on.  And we haven’t even talked about how much you want to spend yet!  No wonder you’re overwhelmed trying to figure out what is the best automatic coffee machine 2021 has.

If you have no idea which of the automatic coffee machines for sale are right for you, then you’re in the right place!  In the best automatic coffee machine Australia 2021 guide we take you through everything you need to know step by step.

In this best automatic coffee maker 2021 guide, first of all, we will talk you through the various factors you need to consider when buying a machine that is right for you. 

Once you have a better understanding of all the different features, we then review some of the very best espresso automatic machine options that are currently on the Aussie market – so hopefully you can narrow it down to one that is perfect for you.

Whether you’re after the best fully automatic coffee machine 2021 has, the best semi automatic coffee machine Australia has, the best super automatic coffee machine, the best automatic coffee machine with grinder or even just the best cheap automatic coffee machine – no doubt you’ll find something perfect in this guide.

So let’s get into it and find you the best automatic coffee machine for home!

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The best automatic coffee machine Australia 2021 comparison chart

Below is a handy comparison table showing all the automatic bean to cup coffee machines that are reviewed in this guide. 

The table lists the various features side by side to help you decide which is the best automatic coffee maker for you.

ImageModelTypeWater Tank SizeOur RatingPrice
Delonghi Magnifica Automatic Espresso MachineDelonghi Magnifica S Coffee MachineFully Automatic1.8 L4.6Check
Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino Fully Automatic Espresso MachineDelonghi Eletta Cappuccino Coffee MachineSuper Automatic2 L5.0Check
JURA S8 Espresso MachineJURA S8 Automatic Coffee MakerSuper Automatic1.9 L4.4Check
E8 JURA automatic espresso machine Piano BlackJura E8 Piano Black Espresso MakerAutomatic1.9 L4.5Check
Delonghi Dinamica TrueBrew Coffee MachineDelonghi Dinamica TrueBrew Coffee MachineSuper Automatic1.8 L4.6Check
The Nespresso Creatista Pro Pod Coffee MachineNespresso Creatista Pro Automatic Pod Coffee MachineAutomatic pod2 L4.6Check
Gaggia Anima DeluxeGaggia Anima DeluxeSuper Automatic1.8 L4.2Check
Breville The Oracle TouchBreville The Oracle Touch Super Automatic Espresso MachineSuper Automatic2.5 L4.8Check
Miele Benchtop Coffee Machine smlMiele Benchtop Automatic Coffee MachineAutomatic1.8 L4.6Check
Sunbeam Cafe Barista Espresso MachineSunbeam Cafe Barista Espresso MachineFully Automatic2 L4.2Check

What is a fully automatic espresso coffee machine?

If you’ve never owned a coffee machine of any kind, then you might not even really know what an automatic coffee maker machine is, so let’s start there.

Regardless of whether you purchase a manual, semi automatic, fully automatic or super automatic coffee espresso machine, they all come with similar components.  The main difference between each of the machines though is how much the machine takes care of the coffee making process automatically and how much you need to do yourself. 

Types of automatic coffee machines

When it comes to buying the best automatic coffee and espresso machine, the first thing you’re going to need to consider is exactly how much control you want the machine to have over the coffee making process and how much control you want. 

There are various levels of automation in espresso machines. If you are comparing an automatic vs manual coffee machine, a manual machine has no automation whatsoever. You grind and tamp the beans, manually time the shot and froth the milk.

Then there is a semi automatic which has some basic automation like pre-programmed shots and sometimes an integrated grinder, but you still need to weigh the beans, run the shot and froth the milk.

Finally, there is a fully automatic machine where the machine does most things to a super automatic machine where the machine does absolutely everything.  Below we go through each of these machines.

Manual lever pump

With a manual lever pump machine, you’ll be required to do all the prep work such as grinding the beans, placing them into the portafilter etc as well as manually pumping the espresso by hand.  You can also get electric pump machines, which is basically the same but uses electricity to pump the espresso.

A manual lever pump is best for those that want complete control over every step. However it can be difficult to master.  A manual lever pump is not very common and not recommended for those looking for their very first espresso machine. We don’t cover these machines here.

Semi Automatic

A semi automatic machine is like a manual machine in that you’ll need to do all the preparation work yourself, including grinding the beans, loading the portafilter, tamp and set the machine.

The main difference between a semi automatic machine and a manual one is it operates with a button or dial which automates the water flow (unlike the lever a manual pump uses).  The machine will automatically stop the water flow once it reaches the preset water amount. Some have integrated grinders and some will have milk frothers, but generally you are in control of the brewing process.

Semi automatic machines are great for those with some experience making espresso coffee and want to have some control over the various steps. 

row of top rated super automatic coffee machines

Fully automatic

In a fully automatic coffee machine (Australia) you often still need to grind and tamp the coffee beans like in a semi-automatic espresso machine, but the rest of the process is pretty much automated and can be programmed.  You can tell the machine your preference in terms of coffee strength and how you like your milk frothed, and the machine will do it all for you.

Super automatic

The best super automatic coffee machines do everything for you!  They will grind the beans, tamp the grounds into the filter, boil the water, push it through and pour your coffee for you.  All you need to do is put your coffee cup under the spout and press a button.

The downside with the best super automatic coffee makers is that they are not cheap!  But they are perfect for those that want all the work taken care of for them and just want great tasting espresso at the press of a button.

Automatic pod machines

Lastly, there are automatic coffee pod machines or capsule machines which like a super automatic machine, do it all for you.  However, unlike a super automatic machine, there are often no presets or programs, but you can purchase different pods or capsules depending on your preferences.

The great thing about an automatic coffee pod machine is that they are relatively cheap, compact, and really simple to use. 

3 coffee cups on dark background

Pros and cons of a super automatic coffee machine

Now you have a better understanding of exactly what a fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine is, let’s get into a few pros and cons.


Probably one of the biggest advantages of owning the best fully automatic espresso machine is that the machine does most of the work for you – just grind and tamp your coffee beans, then press a button and you’ll get barista quality coffee.

Another awesome advantage of owning a fully automatic coffee making machine is, of course, all the money you’ll be saving by no longer buying coffee every day!

With the best fully automatic coffee maker, you can have great quality coffee from the minute you roll out of bed, no need to wait until you’ve arrived at the cafe.


Although one of the advantages of having the best home automatic coffee machine is that the machine does most of the work for you – this can also be a disadvantage for some people.  If you’re a wannabe barista, then you’ll probably prefer a machine that lets you have a bit of a play like a manual or a semi automatic coffee maker.

One of the biggest disadvantages of the best fully automatic coffee machine for home use is the initial cost – these things are not cheap.  But considering the ease of use and the amount of money you’ll save on coffee in the long run; it is well worth it.

Automatic coffee machines for home use can be quite large and take up kitchen bench space.  Do your homework first and check how much space you have.  You don’t want to get the machine home to realise it doesn’t fit.

My pick of the best automatic coffee machines Australia 2021

Don’t have time to read my entire fully automatic coffee machine reviews and just want to hear my recommendation? 

Well I love the Delonghi Eletta and clearly everyone else does too as its one of the highest rated coffee machines around.

The Delonghi Eletta is simple to use thanks to the easy to read LCD screen.  You can choose to completely customise your coffee or choose from one of the preset drinks. 

It comes with everything required for barista quality coffee too including a grinder and milk frother.  Plus it is easy to clean thanks to the built in cleaning programs.

Click here to check the price for the Delonghi Eletta now or keep reading below for my full review.

Automatic espresso machine terminology

Before we get into the things you need to consider in order to buy the best automatic coffee espresso machine, it’s probably helpful that we quickly cover off on some espresso machine terminology so you know exactly what we are talking about further down in the reviews.


This is the component that holds the filter basket (see below), which you then lock into a automatic espresso and coffee machine before pulling a shot (see below).  Portafilters come in a range of sizes, which then determines the size of the shot.


A shot can be either a single espresso shot or a double shot, which basically describes how much espresso you pull from the machine.  For some machines you will need different filter baskets (see below) for various sized shots.

Filter basket

The filter basket goes into the portafilter and is where you place the ground coffee beans.  Some bean to cup fully automatic coffee machines come with different filter baskets so you can have different strengths of espresso shots.

Close up of espresso in cup next to fully automatic espresso machine


Refers to the process of evenly compressing the coffee grinds into the filter basket and portafilter.  Some bean to cup automatic coffee machines come with a tool called a tamper, which makes this process much easier. Others do this step for you automatically!

Bar pressure

This refers to how much pressure is used to force the water through the coffee grounds in the portafilter.  The industry standard is 9 bars, so it’s recommended you look for one of the top automatic coffee machines which have at least 9 bars. Note all the machines in our guide meet this standard.

Single or double boiler

The boiler heats the water and heats the milk.  Some home automatic coffee machines have a single boiler, so you’ll need to heat the water then the milk. 

Other machines have a dual boiler so you can heat both at the same time.   A machine with a single boiler is much cheaper than a machine with a dual boiler.

Drip tray

This is the part of the automatic coffee brewer where you place your mug under the portafilter.  A drip tray also allows any drips to be caught so you can easily clean up.  Some drip trays are completely removable so that you can place a taller cup under the portafilter.

Steam wand

If you want to steam milk for cappuccinos and lattes, you’ll need a coffee automatic machine that has a steam wand. Some are integrated, others manual. If your machine doesn’t come with a steam wand, you can always buy a milk frother separately.

Close up of super automatic coffee maker with cups

Things to consider when buying the best automatic espresso machine 2021

When it comes to what is the best automatic coffee machine for home use, there are some great options on the market, but at the end of the day it really comes down to your individual preferences and circumstances.

To purchase the best automatic bean to cup coffee machine that is simply perfect for you, consider the following factors.

Type of machine

As described above, consider whether you prefer a semi automatic, fully automatic or super automatic espresso machines for your home.

Water tank size

The size of the water reservoir determines how many cups of coffee you can make before you need to refill.  To determine what size water reservoir will suit you best, consider how many cups of coffee you’ll be making over any given time.

How many people live in your household and will want a cuppa in the morning?  And how many cups of coffee does each person want to drink at any given time?  Do you regularly entertain friends?  Consider all these questions and then think about this when looking at the water reservoir size.

Programmable and display settings

Depending on the type of home automatic espresso machine you purchase, your machine may come with very few programmable display settings and some will come with way more than you’ll know what to do with!

Some of the best super automatic coffee maker options, even just semi or fully automatic machines, come with a range of great program settings. 

Most of the top rated automatic coffee makers have a digital display, which makes it much easier to navigate than one with just indicator lights, particularly when it comes to programming your machine.

Grinder settings

Grind size and consistency is super important when it comes to making a great tasting coffee, so if purchasing a machine that comes with a built in grinder, you’ll also want to give some consideration to the grinder settings.  Some machines will have many different settings for grinder types as well as options for pre ground coffee.

If you just want the machine to deal with grinding for you too, then look at one of the super automatic machines that not only has a built in grinder but will also tamp the grinds too.

Milk frother

If you like to drink lattes and cappuccinos, then you’re going to want a machine with a milk frother or steam wand – although they can be purchased separately. 

Some machines like a super automatic comes with an in built milk frother and will do it all for you, while others are fitted with a frother or a connection to a separate milk frother and require you to take care of this part of the process yourself.

two glass mugs with espresso on automatic coffee machine drip tray


Before you buy anything, you’re going to need to think about how much bench space you have at home.  Some of the best bean to cup automatic coffee machine options are on the larger side!  So before you buy a machine, measure out the space you have available and check the dimensions of the machine before purchasing it to ensure it will appropriately fit. 

The area must have enough surface area and top clearance to use the machine properly as well as be located near a power outlet.

Ease of cleaning

If you end up with a coffee maker that’s easy to use but a pain to clean, then it’s not actually all that convenient after all.  Make sure you have an idea of what will be involved in cleaning before you buy it, so you know how involved the process will be.  The more features and components the machine has, the more likely it will take you a long time to clean.

Full and super automatic machines need to be cleaned regularly to prevent oil buildup inside. Many machines will have a self cleaning function, so if cleaning not your strong point, look for a machine with a fully self cleaning function.


You will note that the price range for the top 10 automatic coffee machines in this guide is huge.  The difference between cheap, fully automatic coffee machines to the very best automatic coffee cappuccino machine can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

Many factors make a difference in price, including what the coffee maker is constructed from, the brand, how easy it is to use, and the number of programmable features it has.


When it comes to what is the best automatic coffee maker, a good indicator is the term of its warranty – or even does it come with one at all?  All reputable manufacturers will offer at the very least a one or two warranty on their machines. 

Given you’re investing so much money into this machine, you might as well ensure you have a good warranty just in case anything goes wrong.

Best automatic espresso machine reviews Australia 2021

In the best automatic espresso machine reviews below, are some of the best rated automatic espresso machine options currently available on the Aussie market, so you can compare automatic coffee machines and decide which one is perfect for you.

Delonghi Magnifica Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Best value automatic coffee machine

De'Longhi Magnifica Automatic Coffee Machine

If you’re looking at purchasing your very first coffee machine, a great place to start is the Delonghi Magnifica automatic coffee machine.  This full automatic machine is really easy for beginners to use, plus as well as producing incredible tasting coffee it won’t cost you a fortune either. 

With this Delonghi fully automatic coffee machine you can make a range of different drinks including espresso, cappuccino, latte, American and more.  This espresso machine provides a range of different settings you can customise to your own preferences.  Choose from 5 different strength settings as well as 4 volume options.

If you’re in a hurry in the morning, you’ll be able to make two espressos at the same time.  This Delonghi automatic coffee maker also has an adjustable coffee dispenser which is ideal for varying cup sizes.  It does come with a milk frother, but it is not automatic, so you will need to master this part of the process yourself.

For an automatic coffee machine, the De’Longhi Magnifica S is relatively compact, so great for those with limited bench space.  Other great features include a fast heat up time of just 55 seconds, a built in grinder with 13 different grind settings, large removable 1.8l water tank, cup warmer, and a rinse and decalcification programs for easy cleaning.

If this is your first coffee machine you really can’t go wrong with the Magnifica Delonghi super automatic coffee machine.  It offers quite a lot of bang for your buck and you won’t need a masters degree either to use this machine as the machine pretty much does everything for you. 

With one of these top rated super automatic coffee machines, you can skip the daily trip to the cafe and make your own barista quality coffee at home.

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Eletta Delonghi Automatic Coffee Machine Review

My top pick for the best automatic espresso machine 2021

Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Another Delonghi option for the best automatic espresso machine for home use is the Eletta.  This is a highly rated super automatic coffee machine with a large water reservoir and a range of great built in features to make cleaning a breeze.

From the easy to read LCD screen, you can easily customise your drinks. Choose from short, medium or long as well as choosing either a strong or mild strength.  There are even temperature options, including hot, medium or low.  Alternatively, just press one of the programmed options and have a cappuccino, latte or flat white ready to drink in moments.

The Delonghi Eletta coffee machine features a removable milk frother, so if you prefer your coffee black, you can simply remove it until you have visitors that take milk.  Plus being removable you can also store it in the fridge when not in use.  It’s also easy to clean and has an integrated clean function for all parts that come in contact with the milk.

It also has a built in conical steel grinder with 13 settings or you can simply use pre ground coffee.  Other great features mentioned in many Delonghi Eletta reviews include a cup warmer, large 2L water tank, removable brewing unit for easy cleaning, a hot water attachment for tea, a programmable automatic shut off or switch on function and a descaling, cleaning and rinsing program.

The Eletta is yet another great choice for anyone after the best super automatic espresso machine.  It offers more features than other machines in these reviews, yet still comes at an affordable price point.

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S8 Jura Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Jura S8 Super automatic espresso machine

JURA is well known for making top quality espresso machines, so there are no surprises that a few JURA automatic espresso machine options are featured in these reviews.  First up is the JURA S8, which is perfect for those that really want to up their game when it comes to making barista quality coffee in the comfort of their own home. 

With 15 individual program options, the S8 allows you to customise your coffee just the way you like it.  Whether you want espresso or milk based coffee drinks, all kinds are possible with this JURA fully automatic coffee machine.  It also includes an integrated easy to use milk frother and a stainless burr grinder to ensure a consistent grind is produced every time. 

Cleaning an espresso machine is usually a much dreaded task, but cleaning the S8 is a breeze with the auto clean system.  The JURA automatic coffee machine features an integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme as well as an integrated milk system rinsing and cleaning programme. 

The JURA S8 is a pricey coffee machine, but you are paying for a top quality brand here.  While all of the features are similar to what you can receive with some of the cheaper machines in this guide, with a 2 year warranty, you can purchase this coffee machine with the utmost confidence.

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Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Best super automatic coffee machine by JURA

Jura E8 Super automatic coffee machine

Packed with some great features, the E8 is JURA’s best selling coffee machine. This is not only a fantastic looking coffee machine but these JURA super automatic coffee machines are also so easy to use.  Plus, it has a stack of pre programmed coffee drinks, which buys you time as you learn the art of customising your own beverages.

The top feature to highlight in our Jura E8 review is the modern colour LCD screen, from which you can easily customise your coffee.  Choose from one of 12 pre programmed coffee drinks at the push of a button.  In the expert mode, you can control pretty much everything, including 8 different coffee strengths,  2 temperature settings and your preferred amount of milk.  There is also the option of just getting hot water for tea.

The included milk frother makes great fine textured foam for your milk based coffees as well as a quality 6 speed grinder which is now twice as fast as the previous E8 model.  Other features of this best home automatic espresso machine include a large 1.9l water tank, height adjustable coffee spout, fast 70 second heat up time, auto shut off function and a range of built in cleaning functions.

As mentioned above the JURA E8 coffee machine is JURA’s top selling machine and this particular model has been updated, so you get even more features.  Plus with the 2 year warranty, you can purchase with peace of mind.

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Dinamica TrueBrew De’Longhi Automatic Coffee Maker Review

The best automatic coffee maker for hot and cold drinks

Delonghi Dinamica TrueBrew Espresso Machine

The De’Longhi Dinamica TrueBrew is one of the more unique coffee machines in these reviews.  This is the only coffee machine to feature an iced coffee recipe – so perfect for those that like their caffeine fix served cold in the hotter months.  But even if you don’t use this feature of the machine, the TrueBrew is a great all round coffee machine.

In just 40 seconds, the Delonghi Dinamica coffee machine will be heated and ready to go.  From the 3.5 inch colour screen, you can easily customise your drinks with the ability to adjust the size of your drink depending on your preferred cup size as well as choose from 5 different strength settings.  Alternatively at the press of a button choose from one of the pre programmed drinks – including the new TrueBrew Over Ice.

The built in steel burr grinder is ideal for grinding coffee beans to the perfect consistency.  While the coffee machine does come with recommended grind settings, it also features 13 different settings so you can have total control over the grind size if you prefer.

The Dinamica also has a built in milk frother for your milk based coffees.  Choose the cappuccino setting for a dryer texture milk foam or select the hot milk setting for your latte.  Plus even if you don’t drink dairy milk, unlike other milk frothers, the Dinamica milk frother froths a range of non dairy milk perfectly.  When not in use the milk frother can easily be removed for cleaning or for storing milk in the fridge.

Other great features of this espresso machine include a 2 year warranty, ability to make two espressos at the same time and the machine is also simple to clean with the removable brewing unit and dishwasher safe drip tray. The final feature to highlight in this Delonghi Dinamica review is the app for your phone – so you can even make your coffee from anywhere in the house!

This is a reasonably compact machine, so perfect for those with a smaller kitchen.  But above all, this is a top quality coffee machine, capable of producing incredible tasting coffee.  With its pre programmed drinks, you can have your favourite coffee at the press of a button, or for the wannabe barista, you can experiment a little and create something 100% customised to your personal preferences.

For the price you pay, the De’Longhi Dinamica TrueBrew delivers a lot of bang for your buck.  It is jammed packed with great features and of course you’ll be buying from a company with a long standing reputation for making great quality coffee machines.

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Creatista Pro Nespresso Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Best automatic coffee pod machine

The Creatista Pro

Next, we have the Nespresso Breville Creatista Pro – the only capsule coffee machine we’ve reviewed in this guide.  This automatic capsule coffee machine is a great alternative for those after their very first coffee machine who want minimal involvement in the brewing process. 

In just 3 seconds, the Nespresso automatic coffee machine will be ready for your order.  The brewing process is fast, too, with the coffee extraction and milk texturing happening simultaneously.  In fact, with the Nespresso automatic espresso machine you can have two cappuccinos ready in just 75 seconds.

The machine is easy to use as well as being fast.  The automatic Nespresso machine has a simple LCD touchscreen with 8 drinks preset and a range of customisable drink settings too like the coffee volume, milk temperature (11 settings) and milk texture (8 levels).  You can even save your custom settings, so they are ready for you on each occasion.

The touchscreen will even walk you through the cleaning and maintenance process and alert you when they need to be done.  After each use, the steam wand will automatically clean itself too.

This is a small compact machine so ideal for anyone with minimum kitchen bench space and just after a small automatic coffee machine.  It’s simple to use, compact and comes at a great price too.

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Anima Deluxe Gaggia Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Gaggia Anima Deluxe Automatic Coffee Maker

The Gaggia Anima Deluxe is another high end super automatic coffee machine which is ideal for those looking to upgrade their coffee machine.  It comes with a range of intuitive features to make brewing the perfect coffee easy as well as the ability for you to program in your preferred settings.

From the coloured LCD screen, the Gaggia automatic coffee machine is completely programmable with the option to choose your preferred strength (5 settings), temperature (3 settings) and volume.  You can even save your preferred settings, so they are there for you next time.  Then the machine will even choose the ideal dose of coffee, ensuring it is correctly tamped and compressed for the water to run through at the correct pressure.

The built in grinder is made from ceramic and grinds the coffee beans to the perfect consistency.  There are 5 different grind settings to choose from so you’ll have the ideal grind every time regardless of which type of coffee is drawn.  While the automatic milk frother takes milk straight from the container, froths internally and then delivers the perfect textured foam directly to your cup. 

Other great features of this best automatic coffee maker with grinder include pre infusion for the perfect extraction of flavours, a height adjustable coffee spout, large 1.8l water tank, removable brew group, auto off function and a cleaning program that is automatically commenced each time the machine is switched off.  The machine will even alert you when it is time to descale.

For those wanting a top quality espresso machine that is well known for producing consistently great results time after time, you can’t go wrong with the Gaggia Anima Deluxe.  This machine is perfect for those that want barista quality coffee at the push of a button.  It also comes with a 2 year warranty.

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Oracle Touch Breville Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Best automatic coffee machine for business

When money is no object, then the Oracle Touch Breville automatic espresso machine is certainly one to consider.  This is by far the most expensive coffee machine in these reviews, but it would be the perfect automatic coffee machine for office or a large household.

With the Breville Oracle Touch coffee machine, you can make a range of coffee drinks, including espresso, lattes and cappuccinos.  The machine can make up to 2 coffees at any given time, which makes it great for the small office.  It is fast too, thanks to the dual boilers for both espresso extraction and the steam wand, so it can heat and texture milk at the same time.

This Breville automatic coffee machine offers a range of settings so everyone can get their coffee just how they like it.  Adjust the strength, milk texture and temperature, you can even adjust the water pressure.  The machine allows you to save up to 8 personalised coffees – you can even add your name and icon.  If you prefer the machine also has 5 cafe favourites saved in its default setting.

Included with this coffee machine is a built in water filter, conical burr grinder and frother.  The machine will automatically grind your coffee beans, choose the dose and tamp it properly as well as ensuring the ideal temperature is set for optimal extraction.  The steam wand will then automatically prepare the milk to the programmed settings.

This machine is unique in that it has the features of a semi-automatic espresso machine (like the portafilter and external milk frothing) but it has been automated to make coffee brewing a breeze.

It is made with a stunning stainless steel finish and has a really attractive LCD screen which you can swipe through to read and choose your desired settings. Other great features of this best automatic coffee maker with burr grinder include a large 2.5l water tank, auto shut off function and a 2 year warranty.

If you’re after great quality automatic office coffee machines, the Breville Oracle coffee machine would be the perfect option.  It looks absolutely fantastic with its stainless steel finish and is really easy to use too.

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Miele Benchtop Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Miele black automatic espresso machine

Miele is not a brand that we often associate with coffee machines, but they are the makers of some of the very best kitchen appliances in the world and have created yet another great appliance in this easy to use benchtop coffee machine.

The Miele benchtop coffee machine has an easy to read display screen from which you can easily choose your desired coffee.  Plus for those short on time in the morning, you’ll appreciate how the machine can easily prepare two coffees at the same time with just a push of a button.  This coffee machine also features a built in conical grinder and milk frother so that you can enjoy cafe quality coffee with minimum effort.  Plus there is also an option to use pre ground coffee if you prefer.

The Miele coffee machine is also easy to clean, thanks to the automatic rinsing function.  Plus many of the parts are removable and dishwasher safe.

For an easy to use and top quality coffee machine, Miele certainly offers a great alternative to some of the other top automatic espresso machines we’ve reviewed so far.  This is a simple to use machine which will have you drinking amazing coffee with just a simple push of a button.

If you have other Miele products in your kitchen and love the brand, this machine will be the perfect addition to your home.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews

Café Barista Sunbeam Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Sunbeam Cafe Barista automatic espresso machine

The Sunbeam Cafe Barista EM5000 is a good one to consider if you just want the cheapest automatic coffee cappuccino machine on the market.  This is by far the most affordable coffee machine in these reviews, yet has all the features you need for your daily caffeine fill.

The biggest difference to note is there is no built in grinder with this Sunbeam automatic coffee machine. So you will either need to grind your own coffee or purchase pre ground coffee.  But then it’s just a simple press of the button where you can choose from espresso, latte, or cappuccino.

The cheap automatic espresso machine features an integrated automatic milk frother.  This is great at adding just the perfect amount of froth depending on your cup size.  You can easily change the amount of froth required as well or even use it manually.  The milk reservoir is removable too, which makes for easy cleaning (its dishwasher safe too) and allows you to keep the milk in the fridge when not in use.

While the Sunbeam EM5000 doesn’t feature a bunch of settings or too many options for you to customise your brew, it provides all the essentials for great tasting coffee.  So if you’re just after the cheapest fully automatic coffee machine, this is certainly one to consider.

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I hope you found this guide to the best automatic espresso machine for home helpful. If you still aren’t sure, you really can’t go wrong with our top choice, the De’Longhi Eletta automatic espresso machine.

You can read more coffee machine reviews or find all the best coffee equipment and accessories here.

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