The Best Coffee Machine Descaler Australia [2024 Reviews]

Published: // Updated: April 8, 2024
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If you never want your coffee machine to miss a beat, then you’ll want to use the best coffee machine descaler Australia has on offer.  While it might seem like a bit of a pain descaling your machine, doing it regularly will ensure your machine remains in tip top condition and that a great tasting cup of coffee is never far away.

If you’ve never bought descaling products before, you’ll probably be surprised by how many different descalers for coffee machines there are.  And unfortunately, they’re not all created equally!   There is a range of brands offering various products, making it a little overwhelming when trying to find the best coffee descaler.

Being a home coffee machine owner myself for several decades, I’ve bought a few different coffee machine cleaner and descaler products over the years and with that knowledge have compiled this guide for you.

This best descaler for coffee machines guide will touch on why descaling your machine is so important as well as help you choose a descaler that is right for your coffee machine. Lastly, we’ll look at some of the best descaler products currently on the market.

Whether you’re after a Nespresso coffee machine descaler, descaler for espresso machines or even something specific like a Breville coffee machine descaler or Delonghi coffee machine descaler, you’ll find the perfect descaler for coffee maker options in this guide.

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hand of barista cleaning milk frother on espresso machine.

The Best Descaler For Coffee Machine Top Pick

Don’t have time to read my entire guide, and just want my recommendation for the best espresso machine cleaner?  Well, I recommend Cafetto Restore

Cafetto Restore is a powder descaler made from a blend of organic food grade acid, making it a very safe product to use. 

Cafetto Organic Restore Espresso Machine Descaler - 1kg

Cafetto Restore is biodegradable as well as phosphate and GMO free and safe to use on a range of surfaces, including aluminium, brass and stainless steel. 

It’s also super economical, coming in a 1kg tub with enough powder for 40 descaling cycles.


The Best Coffee Machine Descaler Australia Comparison

Below is a handy comparison table showing all the best coffee maker descaler options reviewed in this guide. The table lists the products side by side so you can decide which is the best coffee cleaner descaler for you.

Click the product to check the price or read on to find out more about these products in the clean machine descaler reviews below.

Why You Need To Descale Your Coffee Machine

The main reason you need to descale your coffee machine is due to mineral build up. 

Water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium and when water is boiled, these minerals (called limescale or scale) can start to accumulate and build up, negatively impacting your coffee machine’s operation. 

One of the main ways this build up impacts your coffee machine is by preventing the water from reaching its optimal temperature. 

For a quality cup of coffee, it is vital that the water reaches the perfect temperature, as this ensures the full flavour of the beans is extracted during the brewing process.   Plus, no one enjoys lukewarm coffee.

In addition, mineral build up causes the coffee machine to work harder, resulting in higher electricity consumption. As a result, brewing times start to take longer, the water flow is disrupted and there is also an increased chance of the machine malfunctioning. 

Overall the mineral build up from the water damages your machine and perhaps even more devastating, results in a poor quality cup of coffee.

While it might be tempting to skip the descale coffee machine process, it really is one of the most important coffee accessories and an essential part of your home coffee machine maintenance. 

Plus, it really is a quick and easy task and won’t take long provided you’ve got the right products on hand.

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The Impact Of Water Hardness On Descaling Frequency

How soft or hard the water is where you live will impact how often you need to descale your coffee machine. 

Whether your water is hard or soft depends on how much calcium and magnesium the water contains.  Hard water has a high level of minerals, while soft water has been treated and contains a lower level.

You can find the water hardness level for area by contacting the water provider in your area.

If you live in a hard water area, your coffee machine will accumulate a build up of minerals at a higher rate than if you live in an area with soft water. 

So for those people living in a hard water area, you’ll want to make descaling your coffee machine a regular part of your machine cleaning regime. 

Many good home espresso machines will display a Descale Alert on the LCD screen when descaling is required. Check your manual to see if this is a feature on your machine, and if not, make a note to descale every 2 – 3 months.

white chalky residue on heating element due to limescale
Limescale on heating element

What Is The Difference Between Coffee Machine Cleaner And Descaler?

While many people clean the various components of their coffee machine daily or weekly, this is not the same as descaling. 

Descaling is the process of using products to remove the mineral build up that forms over time.  On the other hand, cleaning simply removes coffee oils, grinds, liquid, and dirt.

While most coffee machines should be “cleaned” regularly with a cloth and soapy water, you can also buy special coffee maker cleaner products to clean the inside of the machine. 

Just don’t confuse coffee machine cleaning products with descaling products because they are not designed to do the same thing.

Some descaling kits do also come with a coffee machine cleaning solution.  Just ensure that if you’re after descaling products, not to inadvertently buy products designed for general flush cleaning instead.

Can I Use Vinegar To Clean My Espresso Machine?

Some people recommend using vinegar as a cheap way of cleaning coffee machines. 

Whilst this is an option for filter coffee machines and stove top coffee makers, don’t use vinegar on your espresso machine! 

When comparing descaling solutions vs vinegar, vinegar contains a large amount of acetic acid, which is an aggressive chemical substance that can be corrosive.

As a result vinegar can cause some serious damage to the internal components and seals of your coffee machine. 

Good descaling solutions on the other hand use non-corrosive substances to get your coffee machine sparkling clean on the inside.

Can You Use Any Brand Of Descaler?

Many coffee machine brands make their own specific descaling products – such as Breville descaler, Gaggia coffee machine descaler or Delonghi coffee maker descaler. 

There are also highly reputable companies like Cafetto who make generic cleaning and descaling products suitable for a range of coffee machines including Breville, Sunbeam, DeLonghi, Jura, SMEG, SAECO and Philips to name a few. 

Before using either type, it’s important to check the conditions of your coffee machine warranty, as using generic products or a descaler not designed for your machine may void your warranty.

Coffee machines contain parts made from all kinds of materials, and some materials may corrode if certain solutions are applied to them. 

This is why it’s vital to use a descaler designed for your specific machine.  If unsure, always stick to the brand specific product.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Descaler For Espresso Machines

To help you buy descaler for coffee machines that are right for you, consider the following:

Descaler Type

Just like any home cleaning product, coffee descalers come in various forms such as powder, tablets and liquid. 

Each type does the job and what is best often comes down to personal preferences.

  • Liquid descaler for coffee machines tends to be more common, although often come in fairly large plastic bottles.
  • Tablets and powder descalers need to be dissolved in water before use. They tend to come in more compact packaging making them easier to store and often have a longer shelf life than liquid.

There are also differences between descaler for espresso machines and descaler for filter or drip coffee makers. Be sure the product is suitable for your type of coffee machine.

If in doubt as to which type is best for your coffee machine, always stick with the brand specific descaler.

Philips CA6700/22 Universal Liquid Descaler for Philips, Saeco and Other Fully Automatic Coffee Machines Value Pack 2 x 250 ml

Descaler Cost

For all the reasons already mentioned above, never ever go for the cheapest descaler you can find just to save money. 

Brand specific coffee descaler tends to be more expensive than generic brand descalers. As I mentioned above, be sure to check your warranty before using generic descalers.

If the descaler is not designed for your coffee machine, then you might be causing damage to your machine and the cost of a new coffee machine is going to quickly outweigh the extra money to buy the right descaler in the first place.

A good way to save money on descaling solutions is to buy in bulk.  Like anything, if you purchase descaler in bulk, it generally works out cheaper. 


Some descalers come in single packs (enough product to descale your machine once), while others might provide enough product for the next few descale cycles. 

If you’re not descaling your coffee machine all that often, a single use pack may well be all you need. 

Another factor to consider when deciding which size to buy is whether you live in a hard or soft water area. 

If you live in a hard water area, then definitely consider a larger sized pack as you’ll need to be descaling more often.

2 In 1 Coffee Descaler Cleaner

To make life even easier, some descaler brands offer two in one coffee cleaner descaler combos.

Perfect if you live in hard water areas or just want to keep coffee machine cleaning as simple as possible, these products will both clean and descale your machine in one step.

Best Descalers For Coffee Machines Summary

To quickly recap, below are the descale brands and model numbers we review in detail. Read on for the full reviews.

  • Breville the Descaler ‎BES0070NAN1
  • Breville Eco Liquid Descaler ‎BES010CLR
  • Cafetto Restore Descaler E27889
  • Delonghi EcoDecalk ‎DLSC500
  • Sunbeam Descaling Tablets ‎EM0010
  • Cafetto Spectra Descaler E18091
  • Breville Eco 2 in 1 Cleaner and Descaler BES014CLR
  • Cafetto LOD Green Descaler ‎25482
  • Cafetto 2 in 1 Pack 8541892896
  • Breville Espresso Detox Pack ‎BES015CLR
Barista cleaning portafilter under group head of espresso machine.

Best Coffee Descaler Australia Reviews 2024

In the descaler reviews below are some of the best rated options currently available on the Aussie market.  Read the reviews and decide which product is best for you.

1. Breville Descaler 4 Pack Review

Breville the Coffee Machine Descaler 4pk, Clear, BES0070NAN1

Key Features

  • Type: Powder
  • Size: 4 individual packs
  • Cleaning cycles: 4



If you own a Breville Espresso machine, then you will want to consider this Breville Descaler.  This descaler product comes in a powder form and the package includes four sachets, so you have enough for 4 descale cycles.

The Breville descaler cleaner is made with a non corrosive, phosphate-free formula to ensure no damage is caused to the machine.  It is perfect for removing the mineral build up from hard and soft water.  The product is also biodegradable, so environmentally friendly too.

Coming with four individual sachets, this is great for easy storing.  You can throw away the outside packaging and the sachets take up next to no space in your cupboard. 

In addition to being a great descaler for espresso machine, the Breville descaler is also ideal for descaling other coffee brewers and kettles


  • Easy to use and store
  • Phosphate free and biodegradable
  • Approved Breville machine product


  • Expensive compared to other options
  • Small number of uses
  • Needs to be dissolved and diluted prior to use

Best for: Easy to use and store, this product is a good option for those after the best descaler for Breville espresso machine owners.

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2. Eco Liquid Breville Coffee Machine Descaler Review

Best Breville Coffee Machine Descaler

Breville Eco Liquid Descaler, 1 Litre, Clear, BES010CLR

Key Features

  • Type: Liquid
  • Size: 1 Litre
  • Cleaning Cycles: 10



If you have a Breville coffee machine, a great value option is the Breville Eco Liquid.  This coffee machine descaler liquid gently removes hard water scale from the coffee machine to ensure your machine operates at its optimal level.

To use, simply pour 100ml of the solution into one litre of water into the coffee machine’s water tank (after removing any water filters).  Then just follow the coffee machine’s manual for descaling instructions.  Once the descaling process is complete, thoroughly rinse the water tank with fresh water.

The Breville descaling liquid is biodegradable, odourless and is phosphate and GMO-free

As well as being a great option for those after the best espresso machine cleaner descaler product, this liquid can also be used for descaling milk jugs, kettles, urns, dishwashers and even irons and showerheads.


  • Great value for money
  • 10 doses in each bottle
  • Can be used on a range of products


  • Liquid not as mess free to use

Best for: Coming in a one litre bottle, the Breville Eco liquid offers great value for money, and is perfect for Breville and non-Breville espresso machine owners.

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3. Cafetto Restore Coffee Cleaner Descaler Review

Best Coffee Machine Descaler Overall

Cafetto Organic Restore Espresso Machine Descaler - 1kg

Key Features

  • Type: Powder
  • Size: 1 kilogram
  • Cleaning Cycles: 40



Cafetto specialise in espresso and coffee machine cleaning products and offer a range of different descalers to suit every machine owner.

An economical and popular option is the Cafetto Restore descaler.  This is a powder that comes in a 1kg tub with 40 doses – enough for several years of descaling your home coffee machine.

Cafetto Restore is a mild yet effective product made with a blend of organic food grade acid, so it’s very safe to use. 

This coffee maker cleaner descaler is safe to use on aluminium, brass and stainless steel and like the previous Breville liquid, the Cafetto powder is biodegradable as well as phosphate and GMO free.

To use this coffee maker cleaner and descaler, dissolve 25 g / a ¼ cup of powder into a litre of water and pour it into your machine’s water tank.  Then simply follow the descaling instructions in your coffee machine manual. 

As well as being used to descale your coffee machine, the Cafetto Restore can also be used to descale a range of items around your house.  The product also comes with a scoop which makes measuring the powder quantity really easy.


  • Enough for 40 descales
  • Safe for use on aluminium
  • Great value
  • Certified organic cleaner


  • Large size may be overkill for some households
  • Needs to be dissolved and diluted prior to use

Best for: Given the Cafetto Restore comes in a large size, it’s perfect for those after a commercial coffee machine descaler, busy small offices or even just those homes that give their coffee machine a good workout.

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4. EcoDecalk Delonghi Coffee Machine Descaler Review

Best Delonghi Coffee Machine Descaler

De'Longhi | EcoDecalk | DLSC500 | Natural Descaler For Coffee Machines | 500ML Pack

Key Features

  • Type: Liquid
  • Size: 500 ml
  • Cleaning Cycles: 5



No matter what kind of DeLonghi coffee machine you have, the Delonghi EcoDecalk coffee machine descaler will keep your machine in tip top condition. 

Suitable for automatic coffee machines, pump espresso machines, filter coffee pots as well as pod machines, this product is effective for removing mineral build up and improving the performance of your machine.

EcoDecalk is a liquid product that comes in a 500ml bottle, which is enough for five doses.  The product is made with natural plant extracted materials and is biodegradable

In addition, the packaging is made from recyclable materials, so the entire product is environmentally friendly. 

Overall the Delonghi liquid descaler is a great product and perfect for those after the best espresso machine descaler.  Use it on your Delonghi coffee machine or even other branded coffee machines, as well as a range of items around the home.


  • Low environment impact
  • Approved for use on Delonghi Machines


  • More expensive than other products

Best for: For Delonghi coffee machine owners looking for the best Delonghi coffee machine descaler, the EcDecalk is a great option.

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5. Sunbeam Clean Machine Descaler Tablets Review

Best Sunbeam Coffee Machine Descaler

Sunbeam Espresso Machine Descaling Tablets | Coffee Machine Descaler | For Automatic & Manual Espresso Machines | 4 Tablets | EM0010

Key Features

  • Type: Tablets
  • Size: 4 pack
  • Cleaning Cycles: 4


If you have a Sunbeam coffee machine or prefer a tablet option, then the Sunbeam Espresso Machine descaling tablets are another good descaler option to consider. 

Coming in a four pack, these tablets are perfect for descaling automatic and semi automatic espresso machines with ease.

These Sunbeam descaling tablets will ensure your espresso machine remains free of mineral build up and limescale to ensure it’s operating at the optimal level. 

Depending on how often you use your machine, it’s recommended you use these tablets to descale your machine every four to six months.

Coming in a tablet format, these best espresso descaler tablets will take up next to no room in your cupboard.  Plus, they are so simple to use with no need to measure powder or liquid – just follow the descaling instructions in your coffee machine’s operation manual.

If you own a Sunbeam drip coffee maker or percolator, they have a liquid descaler for these types of coffee makers.

Like all good descaling products, these Sunbeam tablets can be used on various kitchen appliances and items around the home.  They are another brilliant product for those after best descaler for espresso machines.


  • Compact and easy to store
  • Approved for use on Sunbeam coffee machines


  • Tablet form more expensive than other types

Best for: For owners of Sunbeam espresso machines looking for approved Sunbeam coffee machine descaler products, these tablets are a convenient and easy way to descale your machine.

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6. Cafetto Spectra Descaler Cleaner Review   

Best descaler for coffee machines with visual indicators

Cafetto Spectra Descaler

Key Features

  • Type: Powder
  • Size: 600 grams
  • Cleaning Cycles: 24


The Cafetto Spectra descaler is another excellent product for those after something super economical and easy to use.  This powder product comes in a 600g tub with enough powder to descale your machine around 24 times.

What makes this descale espresso machine product unique is the use of pH-sensitive dye compounds which mean this powder will let you know if the descaling cycle has been successful. 

Once the solution exiting the machine turns orange, the descaling cycle is complete.  If the solution is blue, you’ll need to complete another descaling cycle. 

This product has been designed to quickly remove mineral build up that has accumulated over time in your coffee machine. 

It’s easy to use, just dissolve 25g of powder in 500ml of water and then pour into the water tank of your coffee machine.  Then follow the instructions for your machine to run the descale cycle.

Once the descaling cycle has been completed, thoroughly run freshwater throughout the coffee machine and steam wand.

This product is eco friendly too, being certified for organic use.  It is also biodegradable and free from phosphate and GMO.


  • Good value for money
  • Colour change to indicate completion of cycle
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Check warranty before using non-brand specific descaler
  • Needs to be dissolved and diluted prior to use

Best for: If you don’t mind a generic brand product, the Cafetto Spectra is an excellent option.  It is one of the cheapest products in this guide and the solution changing colour to indicate a complete descaling process is a convenient feature.

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7. Breville Eco 2 In 1 Coffee Machine Descaler Liquid Review

Best Nespresso Coffee Machine Descaler

Breville Eco 2 In 1 Cleaner and Descaler, Duo Pack, Clear, BES014CLR

Key Features

  • Type: Liquid
  • Size: 2 x 120 ml
  • Cleaning Cycles: 2



If you’re looking for the best coffee maker cleaner and descaler product combo, then the Breville Eco 2 in 1 is a good option worth considering. 

This coffee machine cleaning liquid removes both coffee residue and oils as well mineral build up in a single application.

The Breville Eco liquid descaler and cleaner is an environmentally friendly product being phosphate and GMO free.  It’s also odourless, yet nevertheless effective in removing residue and build up from your appliance.

The Breville Eco 2 in 1 descaler and cleaner is ideal for a range of coffee makers, including Nespresso machines, cheap coffee machines and premium super automatic espresso machines.

The pack comes with two 120ml bottles of solution, with one bottle being enough for one cleaning / descaling cycle.


  • Eco friendly
  • Cleans and descales in one application
  • Approved for use on Breville Nespresso machines


  • More expensive than other options

Best for: If you are looking for the best espresso machine cleaner descaler combination product approved for use on Breville machines, this is a great choice.

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8. Cafetto LOD Green Descaler Coffee Machine Cleaning Liquid Review

Best eco friendly coffee descaler

Cafetto LOD Green Liquid Descaler 1L

Key Features

  • Type: Liquid
  • Size: 1 litre
  • Cleaning Cycles: 10



LOD Green liquid is another great descaler by Cafetto.  Coming in a one litre bottle, with enough solution for 10 descaling cycles, this product is ideal for those after an economical option.

The Cafetto LOD is an organically certified, environmentally friendly descaler.  This concentrated liquid is made from four organic acids and is biodegradable and free of phosphate and GMO. 

This coffee machine cleaning liquid is said to 9 times more effective at removing limescale than using white vinegar, plus it’s odourless and won’t leave a strange taste.

This product is also safe to use on a range of surfaces such as aluminium, brass and stainless steel, so whether you’re looking for the best way to clean espresso machine, the best way to clean Nespresso machine or even the best cleaner for coffee pots, the Cafetto LOD is worth considering. 

Like many others on our list you can also use it on other household items such as dishwashers, sinks and showerheads.


  • Eco friendly
  • Budget friendly option
  • Odourless


  • Non-brand specific descaler

Best for: If you are looking for a descaler certified for organic use, this eco friendly liquid descaler is the perfect choice.

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9. Cafetto 2 In 1 Descaler For Coffee Maker Review

Espresso Machine Cleaning & Descaling Pack Cino Cleano 8 Tablets and Box of 4 Restore Sachets Perfect and Compatible with Breville Machines

Key Features

  • Type: Powder
  • Size: 4 x 25g packs
  • Cleaning Cycles: 4



Another great product from Cafetto – this is a descaler and cleaner combination pack which contains everything you need to keep your coffee machine free of leftover coffee and oils as well as mineral build up. 

This product can be used on any espresso coffee machine, including Gaggia espresso machines, SMEG coffee machines, pod machines and coffee pots.

Each pack comes with four sachets of powder for descaling your machine, as well as eight cleaning tablets. 

As with the previous Cafetto products, this 2 in 1 kit is environmentally friendly, made with non toxic, organic ingredients that are biodegradable, as well as phosphate and GMO free.

To use the descaler, simply dissolve one of the sachets into one litre of water and then run it through your machine as per the machine’s instruction manual.  After use, ensure to thoroughly rinse the machine with fresh water. 

The cleaning tablets are used similarly – with just one tablet inserted and then flushed through the coffee machine as per the instruction manual.

This cleaning and descaler product is safe for use on various surfaces, including aluminium, brass and stainless steel.  It won’t leave any harmful residues or cause any corrosion to your coffee machine.


  • Combination clean and descale pack
  • Great value for money
  • Convenient powder and tablet form


  • Non-brand specific products
  • Small number of cycles

Best for: If you want a descale and clean product in easy to use tablet and powder format from one of the best coffee machine cleaning brands, this is a great choice.

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10. Breville Espresso Detox Coffee Machine Cleaner And Descaler Review

Best Breville Descaler For New Machine Owners

Breville The Espresso Detox Pack, Clear, BES015CLR

Key Features

  • Type: Liquid
  • Size: 120 ml
  • Cleaning Cycles: 1



The Breville Espresso Detox kit is a great pack for new Breville coffee machine owners that will ensure your coffee machine remains in tip top condition. 

This detox pack comes with a descaler as well as a cleaner for your coffee machine and milk frother.

The descaler is a liquid solution that comes in a 120ml bottle and is perfect for removing mineral build up.  The kit also comes with a separate 120ml bottle of solution specifically for cleaning out milk residue inside your machine’s frother.  Each bottle is enough for one cycle.

The kit includes 8 cleaning tablets for a general machine flush clean cycle.  In addition to giving the inside of your machine a good clean, the kit also comes with a polish used to wipe down the external surfaces. 

The polish is excellent for removing fingerprints and other marks on the exterior surfaces and leaves a lustrous protective finish.  Two microfibre cleaning cloths also come with the kit.

All of the products in the kit are environmentally friendly, being biodegradable and free of phosphate and GMO.  The products are also odourless and won’t leave any strange taste in your coffee machine.


  • Complete cleaning and descaling kit
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Approved for use on Breville espresso machines


  • Works out more expensive for the descaler
  • You may not want all the included products

Best for: This 4 in 1 Breville kit is an excellent solution for a complete clean.  While in terms of descaling, it does work out more expensive than many of the other products in this guide, but it might be worth purchasing initially, so you have all the products on hand.

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Best Espresso Machine Cleaner

If all this talk about descaling your espresso machine has got you thinking about what is the best coffee machine cleaner for your regular flush cleaning cycle, see our top pick below.

I use the Cafetto cleaning powder on my machine at home and it is a great product for keeping your machine free of coffee oil build up week on week.

Bonus Product: Cafetto Espresso Coffee Machine Cleaner Review

Best coffee machine cleaning solution

Cafetto CAF-EC500 Espresso Cleaner, One Size, Multicolor, CAF-EC500

Key Features

  • Type: Powder
  • Size: 500 grams
  • Cleaning Cycles: ~100


This Cafetto Espresso Clean is perfect for those flush cycle cleans in between regular descaling cycles.  Coming in a 500g tub, with just one 5g scoop of powder required to clean, this product will last quite a while.

To use the Cafetto Espresso Clean, just add one scoop of powder into the cleaning basket of your group handle and insert just as you would for brewing espresso.  If you don’t clean your machine every day or two, then use two scoops of powder.

Follow the instructions to achieve the best clean and afterwards be sure to run fresh water through the machine. Then brew a single expresso and discard – the machine is ready to go again.

For a thorough clean, it’s also recommended that you soak group handles and baskets in two scoops of the cleaner in about 500ml of hot water for 10 minutes.

This Cafetto Espresso cleaner is an absolute must for those who use their espresso machine regularly. 

Whether it’s for home use, a busy office or you’re after a commercial coffee machine cleaner, the Cafetto Espresso cleaner is perfect for keeping your machine operating efficiently and effectively.


  • Does a thorough clean of your machine
  • Great value product


  • Note this is not a descaler
  • Generic brand – check your warranty first

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That completes our reviews of descalers for coffee machines. I hope you found it helpful.

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