Complete Guide To The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker Australia 2021

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If you’re searching for the best pour over coffee maker Australia has, then you no doubt appreciate the value of manually brewing coffee. 

While over the years, many people have moved away from manual brewing processes, among coffee enthusiasts there is a trend back towards manual brewing. 

Manual pour over coffee makers are perfect for those who enjoy clean, bright and great tasting coffee.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a manual pour over coffee maker but you’re not quite sure what to look for, then this guide is the perfect place to start. We take you through everything you need to consider when comparing the best pour over coffee makers 2021.

To help you decide what is the best pour over coffee maker 2021 for you, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best options currently on the market in the detailed pour over coffee makers reviews.

So let’s get into it and find you the best pour over coffee kit Australia has!

The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker Australia 2021 Comparison

Below is a handy comparison table where you can see all the top pour over coffee makers reviewed within this guide. 

The table lists the various features side by side to help you decide which best pour over coffee machine is ideal for you.

ImageProductMaterialCapacityFilter TypeFilter ShapeOur RatingPrice
Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper size 2Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee DripperCeramic1-4 cupsPaperCone4.9Check
Kalita Wave 185 single cup pour over coffee brewerKalita Wave 185 coffee dripperStainless steel500 mlPaperFlat4.8Check
Clever coffee filter plasticClever coffee dripperPlastic525 mlPaperCone4.5Check
Chemex large pour over coffee makerChemex Classic Series Pour over coffeemakerGlass1.5 LPaperSquare4.9Check
Bodum pour over coffee maker largeBodum Pour Over Coffee MakerGlass1 LStainless steelNA4.6Check
GSI Collapsible pour over coffee maker for campingGSI Collapsible Java Drip Coffee FilterSilicone2 cupsPaperCone4.4Check
Hario pour over coffee gift setHario Pour Over Set with DripperGlass1-4 cupsPaperCone4.7Check
Ten Mile individual pour over coffee makerTen Mile Vietnamese coffee dripperStainless steel1 cupStainless steelNA4.2Check
Hario Iced Pour Over Coffee MakerHario Iced Pour Over Coffee MakerGlass700 mlPaperCone4.4Check
E-Prance Stainless steel coffee filterE-Prance paperless pour over coffee makerStainless steel1-4 cupsStainless steelNA4.2Check

My Top Pick From The Best Pour Over Coffee Makers 2021

Don’t have the time to read all my pour over coffee reviews and just want to hear my recommendation?  Well, I love the V60 Pour Over coffee Hario maker.

Hario v60 coffee dripper white

The V60 Hario is such a popular pour over brewer.  It provides you with full control over the brewing process and produces rich, full flavoured coffee. 

It comes in a range of materials, including ceramic, glass, plastic or metal, and a few different sizes too.

Click here to buy the V60 Hario pour over coffee kit now, or keep reading below for my detailed pour over coffee maker reviews.

What is a Pour Over Coffee Maker?

Before we get to what is a pour over coffee maker, let’s first talk about the pour over brewing method.

The pour over coffee brewing method involves slowly pouring almost boiling water at intervals over ground coffee which sits in a filter.  The boiling water then seeps through into a mug or carafe below, where the freshly brewed coffee is collected.

Pour over coffee equipment has evolved over the years and now there is a huge range of options, from a simple pour over coffee dripper to the best automatic pour over coffee maker. 

A manual pour over coffee pot can be a typical carafe server or an hourglass shaped jug, which has a wide opening at the top, where the filter, grounds and water are placed.  The extracted coffee is then dripped through a funnel and collected into the bottom of the jug.

Some other types of pour over coffee makers come on a stand and a mug can be placed underneath so the coffee can be dripped straight into it.

In addition to a manual pour over coffee dripper, you can also get a pour over automatic coffee maker, which takes all the guesswork out of the brewing process.

Alternative coffee brewing method. Glass carafe with plastic and ceramic dripper for pour-over coffee with a filter dripper.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Pour Over Coffee Dripper

When it comes to the best pour over coffee set, there are some great options on the market, all with their subtle differences.  There is no size fits all, so to ensure you buy the best pour over coffee system for you, consider the following factors.

Electric or Manual

The first thing you’ll need to consider is whether you’d like an electric pour over coffee machine or a manual one.

For those who want complete control over the brewing process and get a lot of satisfaction out of the pour over method, a manual brewer is the way to go.

For those that are simply wanting great tasting coffee without too much effort, then you’ll want to look for the best pour over coffee maker automatic model. 

Of course, a manual pour over brewer is far cheaper than an electric one, so perfect if you just want the best cheap pour over coffee maker.  Although these days, you can get some well priced automated pour over coffee machine options too.


Manual hand drip coffee makers are usually made from ceramic, glass, plastic or metal. 

There are pros and cons of all the different options, so we’ll briefly go through each below.


Ceramic brewers look fantastic and are one of the most popular choices when it comes to pour over drippers.  One of the main reasons for their popularity is that ceramic doesn’t add any unwanted taste to your coffee.

When comparing brewers of similar thickness, a ceramic pour over coffee dripper is one of the best insulators, meaning it will keep the coffee at the optimal temperature for longer than other materials. 

Although, this isn’t always a big deal if you drink your coffee straight after brewing.

The downside to ceramic brewers is they do tend to be more expensive than those made with other materials and are more fragile than those made with plastic or metal.


Next to ceramic, glass is probably the next most popular material for pour over brewers.  Glass is also a reasonably good insulator and doesn’t add any taste to your brew. 

A good tip though if using a glass pour over coffee maker is to preheat it before using it.

A pour over glass coffee maker looks brilliant too, as you can see the coffee as it drips into the carafe – perfect for those that love the ritual of the brewing process.

The downside to glass is that glass breaks much easier than plastic or metal.


If you want the best travel pour over coffee maker, then a plastic one is the way to go.  Plastic is, of course, durable and lightweight. 

Although plastic usually doesn’t look as great as those brewers made with other materials, so not ideal if you’re looking for something to make a statement.


Pour over makers are also made from stainless steel or copper.  This makes the brewers long lasting and lightweight. 

A metal pour over coffee maker is another perfect option for those wanting the best portable pour over coffee maker.

A downside to a metal or copper pour over coffee maker though, is they aren’t a great insulator like ceramic or glass. 

This can impact the extraction process and the overall flavour of your coffee. 

Kalita single cup pour over coffee brewer stainless steel


Like any coffee maker or machine you buy, you’ll need to give some consideration to how much coffee you want to brew at one time. 

Pour over brewers come in all different sizes to suit every coffee drinker.

Ranging from a small pour over coffee maker suitable for a single cup to a large pour over coffee maker able to serve you and a few others.

If you purchase a pour over maker too small, you’ll get frustrated having to make multiple brews in one go.

On the other hand, you don’t want to go for the largest pour over coffee maker and have too much wasted coffee.

Filter Shape: Cone vs Flat Bottom

Pour over brewers come with either a cone shaped or a flat bottom filter. 

As the names suggest, a cone shaped filter is like a funnel with a narrow opening at the bottom, while a flat bottom filter has a large flat opening.  As to which one is best really comes down to personal preference. 

Without getting too technical, the shape of the filter determines how fast and how much flavour extraction occurs. 

  • With a flat bottomed filter, the water hits the middle and spreads out, pushing the coffee through the centre. 
  • With a cone shaped filter, the water does not spread out as much.

In addition, some coffee enthusiasts say the flat bottom filters are more forgiving to brew with because, unlike a cone shaped filter, there is no restriction with the flow. 

However, for beginners who are still mastering a controlled flow rate, a cone shaped filter can be a great benefit. They are also the most common type of coffee dripper.

Whether you prefer a cone or flat bottom filter really depends on how fussy you are about your coffee flavour.

Porcelain pour over coffee maker on table.

Filter Type: Steel or Paper

In addition to the filter shape, you may want to consider the filter type used in the pour over drip coffee maker. 

Generally, brewers come with a reusable stainless steel filter or disposable paper filters.  Again, as to which is best comes down to personal preference.

A pour over coffee maker with reusable filter is obviously better for the environment and doesn’t have an ongoing cost. 

Pour over coffee brewers with a reusable stainless steel filter has a richer, flavourful brew given they don’t absorb any of the coffee oils as paper filters do.

Reusable filters are also a little messy than disposable ones and require regular cleaning – but often, they are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning easier.  On the other hand, disposable filters just go straight into the rubbish bin or in your compost.

If you opt for paper filters, there is some thought that brown unbleached paper filters, as opposed to white paper filters, leave a paper taste in the coffee flavour

Although, again, others say they don’t notice a difference.  The brown paper filters do tend to be cheaper and are more environmentally friendly than the white filters.

Chemex pour over coffee maker with hot coffee on wooden table.


Another factor you might like to consider is how portable the pour over coffee brewer is. 

This is important if you’re always travelling or looking for the best pour over coffee maker for camping, for example.

If you’re after a portable coffee brewer, then you’ll want it to be made from plastic or metal. That way it’s not breakable, as well as compact so you can easily pop it in your bag.

Summary Of The Top 10 Pour Over Coffee Makers

To recap, here is a quick summary of the pour over coffee machine options we review in detail below.

  • Hario V60 ceramic coffee dripper, size 2, white
  • Kalita Wave 185 stainless steel pour over dripper, 1-4 cups
  • Clever coffee dripper, BPA free plastic, large
  • Chemex classic series glass pour over coffee maker, 1.5 litre
  • Bodum pour over coffee maker, 1 litre
  • GSI collapsible silicone pour over dripper, 1 cup
  • Hario Simply V60 glass pour over kit, size 2
  • Ten Mile stainless steel dripper, single cup
  • Hario V60 glass iced pour over coffee maker, 700 ml
  • E-Prance stainless steel coffee filter, 1-4 cups

The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker Reviews

Below in the pour over coffee review section, we take a closer look at the top pour over coffee makers currently on the market. 

1. Hario V60 Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Dripper Review

Best pour over coffee maker overall

ceramic pour over hario v60

Not only is the Hario V60 pour over considered by many as the best ceramic pour over coffee maker, but many recommend it as the best pour over drip coffee maker currently on the market.  This would have to be one of the most popular pour over coffee brewer options worldwide.

With the V60 Hario pour over coffee maker, you’ll have full control of the coffee brewing process.  You can control the brew time, water flow and water temperature. 

So whether you prefer a rich, full flavoured coffee or one that is more acidic, anything is possible with this best rated pour over coffee maker.

The V60 Hario pour over coffee maker has a set of raised grooves spiralling down the inside of the cone.  These grooves ensure the paper filter doesn’t stick to the sides, holding the grounds away from the walls, allowing for airflow, a rapid water flow, and a more balanced extraction.  It has a single large hole and a more concave flow, which means you have to be more attentive with the timing and pacing while pouring.

This best home pour over coffee maker has a sleek design and comes in two sizes, either 1-2 cup (Size 1) or 1-4 cup (Size 2), so perfect whether you prefer a small or large cup.  Plus, due to its compact size, you can brew coffee straight into a mug or a server (carafe).

As well as the ceramic brewer, the V60 also comes in glass, plastic and metal.  So whatever your preference, there is the perfect brewer for you.


Good heat retention

Well priced

Easy to use


Small capacity

Not as stylish as others

The V60 Hario VDC-02W is best for those after a top quality pour over coffee single cup brewer. 

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

2. Kalita Wave 185 Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

Kalita wave 185 dripper

With a very similar look and design as the V60 Hario, the Kalita Wave 185 is another great choice for those after a good pour over coffee maker.  Although the Kalita is made with stainless steel, so a great alternative for those wanting something a little less fragile than ceramic.

Like the Hario V60, the Kalita has raised grooves on the inside to reduce the contact between the grounds and the brewer.  However, the Kalita has a flat bottom filter with three draining holes.  This means the grounds are simultaneously saturated and brewed over a larger surface, making for a balanced and rounded extraction.

The Kalita Wave is much easier to use with its flat bottom than the Hario V60, making it perfect for those after the best pour over coffee maker for beginners.  You don’t need to be as fussy with the timing or aim of your pour, as the flat bottom aids in regulating the rate at which the water drains.  On the other hand, the Hario has a single drain point, so you need to be more meticulous with your pour.

Made with a stainless steel body, this pour over coffee maker machine has a BPA plastic free handle which is cool to touch, even while the brewer is full of hot water. 

With its sturdy construction and being super lightweight, this is a great option for those after something to travel with or a pour over coffee maker camping brewer. 

The Kalita has a 500 ml capacity, so it’s great for one to two people.  It’s also super easy to clean, given the brewer is completely dishwasher safe.


Sturdy strong construction


Good capacity

Dishwasher safe


More expensive than others

Not as stylish as others

The Kalita Wave is perfect for those who want the best pour over coffee brewer, which is sturdy and long lasting that they can easily take traveling with them. 

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

3. Clever Dripper Review

Clever coffee dripper

If you’re after an inexpensive pour over maker, the Clever Dripper is well worth considering.  Made from quality BPA free plastic, it’s easy to clean and will not break on you, so perfect for taking with you to the office or while on holidays.

This is an easy to use pour over maker, which uses paper filters.  The brewer itself can fit on mugs with a rim diameter between 3.8cm and 9.5cm, so in most cases, you’ll be able to brew your coffee straight into your favourite cup.

The Clever Dripper FBA_CLEVER is different to other pour over coffee brewer options, because unlike other pour over brewers, there is a stopping mechanism at the bottom that stops the coffee from flowing until you’re ready for it to drip into your cup. 

This is great for beginners because it means you can experiment with the steeping time rather than your pouring skills.

The Clever Dripper makes great well rounded coffee with a medium body and medium acidity.  With a capacity of 525 ml, it is a great size for one or two people.  It is lightweight and durable so you can easily pop it in your bag each day to take to the office or throw it in your suitcase when you go on holidays.


Well priced

Sturdy build

Easy to use


Not technically a pour over

Plastic construction

The Clever Coffee Dripper is best for those just starting out and after the easiest pour over coffee maker until they’re more confident with their pouring technique.

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

4. Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

Best large pour over coffee maker

Chemex pour over coffee maker

The Chemex pour over coffee maker is a gorgeous brewer and will look absolutely fantastic in any home. 

However, not only does this top pour over coffee maker look fabulous, it also produces great tasting coffee.  Plus, it has a large capacity, so perfect for entertaining family and friends.

With its beautiful glass hourglass shaped design, this would have to be the best looking pour over brewer in this guide. 

The wood collar and leather cord give it a lovely stylish accent, making it ideal as a centrepiece while entertaining.  The wood collar is practical too and provides somewhere cool for you to hold during the brewing process.

In terms of flavour, the Chemex CM-10A creates a smooth, bright and clean tasting coffee, mostly thanks to the thick paper filters it uses. 

These double bonded filters significantly reduce the oils and finer sediments that often result in a more bitter flavour.  The thicker filters also prevent the water from flowing through the coffee grounds too quickly.

Unlike most of the other brewers in this guide, a big advantage of the pour over coffee Chemex brewer is that this is an all in one device.  So the coffee is dripped into the built in carafe and so you don’t need another item for the process. 

Another benefit of this best pour over coffee setup is that you can store leftover coffee in the Chemex for reheating later.  And because it is made from glass, you won’t get any odour or chemical residues absorbed into your coffee.

One of the downsides often complained about with the Chemex coffee maker is that it is a little harder to clean than other brewers.  This is mainly due to the narrow neck of the pitcher, which is hard to get your hands into – but nothing a good bottle brush can’t reach.  It is also dishwasher safe.

As well as the 10 cup pour over coffee maker, this best pour coffee maker also comes in the option of a 3 cup, 6 cup or 8 cup pour over coffee maker.  There is also the option to get a Chemex with a handle instead of the wood collar.


Contemporary design

Clean and bright flavour

Large capacity



Harder to clean

Not portable

The pour over coffee – Chemex brewer is ideal for those wanting a stylish coffee maker for entertaining friends.

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

5. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

Best paperless pour over coffee maker

Bodum pour over coffee maker

If you like the look of the previous Chemex brewer but just can’t justify the price, then the next best thing is the Bodum pour over coffee maker. 

With similar features and around half the price, it’s hard to pass up if you’re on a budget.

Like the Chemex, the Bodum 11571-01US is an all in one device crafted from glass. 

While perhaps not as stylish as the Chemex, it still has that great hourglass look and comes with a collar, so you have somewhere safe for your hands while brewing. 

However, with the Bodum pour over coffee machine as well as a wooden look cuff, you can choose from a range of coloured cuffs, including black, red, white and more.

One of the main differences with the Bodum pour over maker vs Chemex is the Bodum has a built in fine mesh stainless steel filter.  So unlike paper filters, this filter won’t absorb any essential oils resulting in a more robust and intense flavour in your cup. 

Plus, there are no further ongoing costs which is a great benefit for those on a budget, and the filter is dishwasher safe so easy to clean.

With the capacity of 1 litre, this Bodum pour over coffee maker with permanent filter is a great size, perfect for brewing coffee for multiple people.


Value price point

Reusable filter

Dishwasher safe


Filter harder to clean

More oils and flavour in cup

The Bodum is a great all rounder pour over coffee maker, perfect for those on a budget and those looking for the best paperless pour over coffee maker.

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

6. Collapsible GSI Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

Best travel pour over coffee maker

GSI travel pour over coffee kit

For the ultimate travel pour over coffee kit, you can’t go past the collapsible GSI pour over coffee maker.  This unique pour over coffee maker made from silicone is compact and lightweight and can go basically anywhere you do!

This is such a clever little brewer.  If you’re a camper, you’re probably already familiar with those collapsible bowls; well the GSI is built on the same concept. 

When not in use, this best pour over maker collapses down to less than 3cm in height, making them easy to take anywhere, whether camping, to the office, while on holidays or even just day trips.  So small is this easy pour over coffee maker; you can even pop it in your handbag.

Like the Kalita Wave, the GSI has a flat bottom and features raised grooves inside to ensure the paper filters sit away from the walls of the brewer.  The brewer simply sits over a jug or container of some sort and will make around 1 to 2 cups of coffee.


Portable and compact


Perfect for travel


Small capacity

Needs paper filters

The GSI pour over coffee maker is perfect for those wanting something portable such as a pour over coffee for camping or the office.

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

7. Hario Simply V60 Pour Over Kit Review

Best pour over coffee gift set

Hario pour over coffee starter kit

Next up, we have another Hario pour over maker. This time, it’s the V60 glass brewing kit.  Like the previous V60 ceramic brewer, this pour over coffee starter kit includes the V60 brewer in glass and comes with a 600 ml server.

As previously mentioned, the V60 has a set of raised grooves spiralling down the inside of the cone.  These grooves ensure the paper filter doesn’t stick to the sides and therefore hold the grounds away from the walls, allowing for airflow, a rapid water flow and a more balanced extraction. 

The brewer has a single large hole and a more concave flow, which means you have to be more attentive with the timing and pacing while pouring.

This best pour over kit includes a 600ml server, which is also made from durable glass.  It also comes with a lid to help keep your coffee warm and ensures no spillages while you pour.  The server features a BPA free handle, which is cool to touch.

This kit also comes with a measuring scoop and 40 paper filters – so everything you need to get started.


Large capacity carafe

Includes all accessories



Plastic filter not as stylish as others

The Hario Simply V60 kit is the perfect option for those that are brand new to the pour over method and looking for the best pour over set that comes with everything you need to get started.  

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

8. Ten Mile Vietnamese Coffee Dripper Review

Ten mile vietnamese coffee dripper

If you’ve ever been to Vietnam and fallen in love with their coffee, with the Ten Mile Vietnamese coffee dripper, you can now enjoy Vietnamese coffee in your own home! 

Just add sweetened condensed milk to your cup and let the freshly brewed hot coffee drip down and you’ll be immediately reminded of your time in Vietnam.

The Ten Mile is a traditional Vietnamese dripper made from stainless steel and features a screw in filter.  The stainless pour over coffee dripper also has a lid, which will keep your coffee warm whilst it drips down to your mug.

This best pour over coffee dripper is very easy to use.  Simply place your preferred coffee grounds into the filter and then screw the filter into the plate.  Then you add the metal dispersion screen on top of the grounds. 

You can then put the entire brewer on top of your coffee mug.  Once you pour the water into the filter, add the lid on top to keep the coffee warm as it brews.

This one cup pour over coffee maker is easy to clean with all parts being dishwasher safe.



Dishwasher safe

Reusable stainless steel filter


Single cup capacity

Not a typical pour over brewer

The Ten Mile Vietnamese coffee dripper is perfect for those who enjoy Vietnamese coffee or just after the best single cup pour over coffee maker, which is simple to use.

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

9. Hario Ice Coffee Maker Review

Hario pour over coffee carafe

The Hario Ice Coffee Maker is great for those that not only love rich hot coffee but who also enjoy a perfectly brewed iced coffee.

This all in one coffee brewer is so easy to use.  Inside the 700ml carafe is an ice chamber, which is filled with ice when making an iced pour over coffee. 

Then during the brewing process, the freshly brewed coffee is drained onto the ice, where it is chilled and then collected in the carafe ready for drinking.  For those times when you prefer a hot brew, simply leave out the ice.

The Hario Ice Coffee Maker is made with heat resistant glass and BPA free plastic.  It is a durable material perfect for handling hot or cold brews.  Plus, this best coffee pour over maker is so easy to clean thanks to being dishwasher safe.

With its 700ml carafe, this is a great size coffee brewer, perfect for a couple of cups of coffee.  Plus, if you have any leftover, you can easily store this carafe in the fridge.


Versatile brewer

Large capacity

Dishwasher safe


No lid to store in fridge


The Hario Ice Coffee Maker VIC-02B is the best pour over brewer for those that enjoy their iced coffee as much as their hot brew.

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

10. E-Prance Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Review

filterless pour over coffee maker

For those after the best cheap drip coffee maker, look no further than this great E Prance kit.  Not only is this kit super cheap, but it also comes with everything you need for making a great pour over brew.

E-Prance 60210816 is made of high quality stainless steel and has no separate filter; basically the brewer is just a filter. 

The filter has a honeycomb design, with the outer layer of the cup being made from a twill weave to ensure even the finest grinds are filtered out.  Made from double layer mesh, it ensures all the coffee nutrients and oils are kept in the brew, resulting in a more flavourful cuppa.

The filter has a heat resistant, easy to grip silicone handle so it can be safely managed throughout the brewing process.  This best pour over coffee maker set comes with its own non slip stand, which is also made from stainless steel.  The stand fits most coffee cups or carafes and features roll edges to prevent it from slipping from the cup.

The E-Prance can make up to 1 to 4 cups of coffee in a single brew and is super easy to clean as all parts are dishwasher safe.


Budget price point

Paperless steel filter

Dishwasher safe


Not as highly rated as others

Robust coffee flavour not for everyone

The E-Prance is one of the best pour over coffee kits for those starting out and just after something super cheap.

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

I hope you found this guide to the best coffee dripper helpful. Read more coffee maker reviews here or search all our coffee gear reviews here.

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