The Best Home Coffee Roaster Machine Australia [2024 Reviews]

Published: // Updated: December 5, 2023
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If you want the freshest tasting coffee, full of rich flavours and aromas, then why not consider investing in the best home coffee roaster machine Australia has. 

With a roaster coffee machine, you’ll have the freshest beans for your brew, as well as be able to experiment with different blends.   

Many people who want to give roasting coffee beans a go start with a popcorn machine (they can be the best coffee roaster for beginners), but if you want to really take your coffee skills to the next level, then you’ll want to consider getting one of the best coffee roaster machines. 

As you probably know already, a coffee bean roaster machine can be an expensive investment and so you’ll want to ensure you buy the best coffee roaster Australia has that really works for you.  

If you’ve been looking for the best home coffee bean roaster Australia has but are feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, then this guide is definitely for you.  This guide covers the different coffee roaster types and their various features.  Then in the best home coffee roaster reviews section we take a closer look at some of the top rated roasters currently on the Aussie market.   

So, whether you’re after the best small coffee roaster machine for sale, an air coffee roaster for sale, a home drum coffee roaster for sale or just the best budget coffee roaster, I have no doubt you will find one that’s just perfect for you in this guide.  

So let’s jump straight into it and find you one of the best home coffee roasting machines for sale.  

Home coffee roaster in action roasting coffee beans.

The Best Coffee Roaster Machines Comparison

Below is a handy comparison table showing all the best coffee roasting machines Australia has that are reviewed in this guide. The table lists important features of the products side by side to decide which coffee roaster machine for sale is perfect for you.

Scroll to see all features and check the price then find out more about each of these products in the reviews below.

ImageModelRoast CapacityTypeCooling TrayDimensions cmOur RatingPrice
Gene cafe home coffee roasterGenecafe roaster on ebay300gDrumNo49 x 24 x 235.0CHECK
Fresh Roast SR540 coffee roaster.Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Roaster on ebay120gAir bedNo17.5 x 18.75 x 28.754.8CHECK
Kaffelogic Nano 7 coffee roaster samplerKaffelogic Nano 7 Roaster on ebay120gAir bedNo12.5 x 12.5 x 285.0CHECK
Sandbox Smart R1+C1, Home Coffee Roaster Machine with Coffee Bean Cooler - Electric Direct Fired Coffee Roasting for Smart Home Use, Delivered via The App. 220V (Black)Sandbox Smart R1+C1 Coffee Roaster100gDrumYes23 x 26 x 25.54.8CHECK
Bocaboca 250 home coffee bean roaster machineBocaBoca 250 on ebay250gDrumYes34 x 17 x 20.34.6CHECK
Kaldi Home Coffee Bean RoasterKaldi Mini Home Coffee Roaster on ebay250gDrumNo26 x 24 x 204.6CHECK
Coffee Roaster, Peanuts Roaster Large Capacity Clear Lid Compact Size Coffee Beans Roasting Machine, Household for Home(black, European standard 220v-240v)Labuduo Roasting Pan300gPanNo28 x 35 x 144.4CHECK
Sunbeam Popcorn Maker CP4600Sunbeam CP4600 Popcorn Maker100gPopcorn popperNo15 x 15 x 304.0CHECK
Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean RoasterNuvo Eco Ceramic Coffee Roaster70gHandheldNo13.2 x 3.5 x 24.34.2CHECK

My Pick For The Best Home Coffee Roaster Machine Australia: Genecafe

If you don’t have time to read my entire home coffee roaster for sale Australia guide, I think the Gene Coffee Roaster Australia model is the perfect all rounder. 

Genecafe coffee roaster machine

This drum coffee roaster isn’t cheap, but it comes with both automatic and manual settings, perfect for everyone regardless of their experience.

The Gene Cafe home coffee roaster has a large 300g capacity and will provide you with freshly roasted beans in just 10 minutes. 


Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Home Coffee Roaster For Sale Australia

Like all coffee accessories, when it comes to finding the best coffee roaster machine for home use, there are a couple of things to consider.  It’s recommended you consider the following factors to ensure you buy coffee roaster that’s perfect for you.

If you know what you are looking for, click here to skip to the reviews.

Ease Of Use

Just like coffee machines, coffee roasters can be super easy to use or come with various settings and apps to provide you with the ultimate control over the process. 

While having the ability to adjust every little variable is great, it does make the machine harder to use initially.  Some may prefer to simply flick a switch and let the machine take care of the rest.   So consider how much automation you want to have available in the settings.

A good way to determine how easy a bean roaster machine is to use, before actually having a go yourself, is to read other customer coffee roaster reviews.  Look for feedback about how easy it is to use the roasting chamber and any programs and settings.

Bean Capacity

Roasters come with all different capacities and which one is right for you really depends on how much coffee is consumed in your household. 

Generally, air roasters have a smaller capacity than drum roasters, so they are ideal for those simply wanting to roast a few smaller batches of coffee beans a few times a week. 

However, if you prefer to roast just once a week, or there is lots of coffee being consumed, then the best home roaster coffee will be one with a larger capacity.

A coffee scale comes in handy for ensuring you are roasting the right amount of coffee each time.


While having a home coffee bean roaster machine that can roast a large number of beans at one time is great – you’ll want to ensure you have the space to house the roaster adequately. 

Note you’ll need to consider the area where you’ll do the roasting as well as where you’ll store the roaster.


Coffee roasters produce quite a bit of smoke, so having good ventilation in the space you’ll use the machine is vital

Ideally you can do your roasting outside, particularly if your home doesn’t have good ventilation. 

You can also purchase coffee roasters that come with a built in smoke suppression system, which help reduce the amount of smoke produced (more on this below).

Home coffee roaster machine roasting freshly roasted coffee beans

Roasting Chamber Visibility

Seeing the beans as they roast enables you to have complete control over the process.

For example, you can easily see the beans as they darken through the 1st and 2nd crack and determine whether adjustments need to be made to the time or temperature. 

Some machines come with a transparent roasting chamber which makes this much easier.

Ease To Clean

Coffee roasters regularly come into contact with oil, smoke and dust and so to keep your domestic coffee roaster in its best condition, you’ll want to give it a clean periodically. 

Not only will this result in better tasting coffee, but it will also help with the lifespan of the machine.  

For an easy to clean and maintain home coffee roaster, look for machines that have a chaff collection system (more on this below).  Empty the chaff collector when it gets close to half full, wipe over any surfaces, and blow out any of the motors or fans in the machine regularly.

Features To Consider When Comparing The Best Home Coffee Roasting Machines For Sale

Now you’ve thought about what would make the best coffee bean roaster for you, let’s look at the different types of roasters and their various features.

Roaster Type

There are three main types of coffee roasters – an air bed coffee roaster, a drum coffee roaster and a handheld or manual roaster.  We explain the different types briefly below.

1. Air Bed Roaster

An air bed roaster works somewhat like a popcorn maker in that hot air is pushed around the roasting chamber and heats the beans.  The beans are agitated and float on a bed of hot air, continually being turned over while they roast.  

An air bed roaster generally roasts coffee machines quicker than the other types but tends to have less capacity than a drum roaster.  The quicker roasting time means the coffee tends to be brighter and retains much of its complexities.

2. Drum Roaster

With drum roasters, heat is applied to the outside of a metal chamber – the beans are inside the chamber, which rotates.  The beans are roasted as they come into contact with the heated chamber.

Coffee beans roasted in a drum roaster tend to have a better body of flavour, are sweeter and are often preferred by espresso drinkers.  

Drum roasters tend to have larger capacities and roast a large batch of beans at once.  This makes drum roasters the better option for those that consume a lot of coffee or if you’re after the best commercial coffee roaster machine for sale.

3. Manual / Handheld Roaster

Just like a coffee machine, coffee roasters come with varying degrees of automation. For example, some roasters require you to have complete control when roasting the beans, while others allow you to flick a switch and the machine will take care of the process for you.  

Those who prefer to roast in small batches and have complete control over the process may benefit from a manual or handheld roaster.

However, a manual coffee roaster generally requires you to hold the roaster at all times and move it frequently as the beans are roasting.  

Just like manual coffee grinders, manual / handheld roasters tend to be the cheapest option and are smaller, so ideal for those after a compact coffee roaster.

Manual home coffee roaster black ceramic sample roaster with leather handle on scattering of green coffee beans in the shape of a circle.

Smoke Suppression

Roasting coffee beans produces a lot of smoke, particularly if you’re roasting a darker roast coffee.

So if you’re after the best home coffee roaster Australia has, and want to use it indoors, look for one with a built in smoke suppression system, which reduces smoke and makes it safe to roast indoors.

Most affordable home coffee roasters do not have smoke suppression systems, so it is important to roast outdoors and keep an eye on the roasting process.

Temperature Controls

Roasting beans at the correct temperature is vital.  Too cold and you’ll end up with roasted beans that won’t brew a full flavoured coffee, or too hot and you’ll simply burn the beans resulting in a bitter brew. 

So for the best coffee roaster for home use, look for one which has adjustable temperature controls.

Custom Profiles

Just like some coffee machines, some coffee roasters allow you to make adjustments to variables such as roasting time and temperature and then save the settings, so your preferences are programmed for future use. 

This means you don’t need to make the same adjustments each time you use the machine.

If you are interested in learning the ins and outs of coffee roasting, a machine that allows you to create and save custom profiles is the best option.

Chaff Collector

When the beans are roasting, tiny layers of the dried husks of the beans will peel off.  This is called the chaff. 

For an easy to clean at home coffee roaster, look for one with a chaff collector that catches all of the chaff and just needs emptying when full. 

Cooling Tray

The best home coffee roasting machine cools down super fast after the beans have been roasted. This ensures the beans don’t continue to roast. 

Most machines simply have cool air blowing through the roasting chamber, while some of the more expensive roasters have an external cooling tray where the beans are dumped and so cooled much faster.  

If you buy coffee roaster machine without a cooling feature or tray, you can simply put the beans on a tray or pan you already own to cool down or purchase a cooling tray separately.

Small white cups of freshly roasted coffee beans with different roast levels

Best Coffee Roasting Machine Reviews Australia 2024

In the best home coffee roasters reviews below are some of the top rated options currently on the Aussie market.  Read the reviews and decide which one is best for you.

1. Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster Review

Best home coffee roaster machine Australia

Genecafe coffee roaster machine

Key Features

  • Roast capacity: 300g
  • Type: Drum roaster
  • Smoke suppression: No
  • Cooling Tray: No


The Gene café coffee roaster is the perfect drum coffee roaster for those households or small offices that consume a lot of coffee.  In just 10 minutes, you’ll have freshly roasted beans for a rich and full flavoured coffee.

This electric coffee roaster machine allows you to roast 300g of green coffee beans at a time.  It has manual time and temperature settings with a digital display, or use the automatic functions until you gain your confidence. 

The Gene café roaster has a fully viewable roast chamber so you can see how the beans are roasting and make adjustments as required.  It also has an automated cooling down feature to ensure your beans are not over or under roasted.

Electric coffee roaster machines can sometimes be loud to operate, but this is not the case with the Gene Cafe which has an impressively quiet operation.

Despite its larger size, this coffee roaster only weighs 5.5kg. Furthermore, its dimensions are 49 x 24 x 23 cm, so you will need a bit of bench space to store and use this roaster.


  • Large capacity
  • Clear roasting chamber
  • Quiet operation
  • Adjustable settings and automated functions


  • More expensive than other options
  • No cooling tray included
  • No integrated smoke suppression system

Best for: Various Gene coffee roaster review posts report what a great investment this machine is and how easy it is to clean and keep clean.  It’s a great roaster whether you’re after a home coffee roaster for sale or even a commercial coffee roaster machine for the office or even a small cafe.

>> Click here to check the Genecafe price on ebay

2. Kaffelogic Nano 7 Table Top Coffee Roaster Review

Best small batch coffee roaster machine

Kaffelogic Nano 7 coffee bean roaster

Key Features

  • Roast capacity: 120g
  • Type: Air bed roaster
  • Smoke suppression: No
  • Cooling Tray: No


If you want to roast your beans daily or regularly throughout the week, the Kaffelogic Nano 7 table top coffee roaster is a good option to consider. 

This air bed roaster is so compact that it could easily be a permanent fixture in your kitchen. In addition, the small home coffee roaster is quick and easy to use, with a roasting time of just 10 minutes.  

The computerised roast control system mimics the process of an experienced specialty coffee roaster and can even alter the timing of peak flavour, meaning beans can be roasted ready to drink, with no resting period required. There really is no excuse not to have the freshest beans and a rich, full flavoured coffee with the Kaffelogic Nano 7.

Whether you prefer to use the automated functions or have full control, the Kaffelogic Nano countertop coffee roaster is suitable for all experience levels.  There are pre programmed profiles offering a range of different roasts, while you can also have full control over the temperature and time. 

The beans will cool down quickly too, with the beans down to room temperature within 2.5 minutes from the end of roasting.   To keep track of your roasting profiles, plug a USB into the back of the Kaffelogic counter top coffee roaster and it will record your roasting profiles.  These can then be read via the free downloadable app, which will guide you through creating and editing a range of different profiles.  

With limited moving parts, it is easy to keep this small coffee roaster for sale clean and well maintained.  The chaff is caught in the chaff chimney and can easily be removed once roasting is finished.  

The Kaffelogic Nano 7 is a smaller machine with a capacity of 120g.  The dimensions are 12.5 x 12.5 x 28 (and 43cm tall with chaff collector) so pretty compact and it’s super lightweight too at just 3.6 kg. So compact and light enough to be stored away or taken away with you.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fast roasting time
  • Advanced roast control system
  • Automatic and manual setting options


  • Premium price point
  • Small capacity

Best for: Beginner and experienced home coffee roasters and small cafe owners wanting to test and experiment with different roast profiles in small batches.

>> Click here to check the Kaffelogic roaster price on ebay

3. Sandbox Smart R1+C1 Coffee Bean Roaster Machine Review

Sandbox Smart R1+C1, Home Coffee Roaster Machine with Coffee Bean Cooler - Electric Direct Fired Coffee Roasting for Smart Home Use, Delivered via The App. 220V (Black)

Key Features

  • Roast capacity: 100g
  • Type: Drum roaster
  • Smoke suppression: No
  • Cooling Tray: Yes


If you like the idea of the app that goes along with the Kaffelogic Nano 7 but prefer a drum roaster, then consider the Sandbox Smart.  This is a really modern coffee roaster with all settings controlled via Bluetooth and an easy to use app. 

To get started with this small drum coffee roaster, download the app and follow the steps on the screen.  All of the settings are chosen via the app, with the option to select from a range of programmed profiles or make your own manual selections, including fan speed, drum speed and temperature.

You can then follow the roasting process via the app too.  And just like the Kaffelogic, the Sandbox Smart also tracks your roasting history so you can check back and make adjustments whenever you like.

This is a small batch coffee roaster for sale, with the Sandbox Smart roasting up to 100g of beans in a batch.  The process takes just 15 minutes, so you can easily roast several different roasts if you so desire. 

This best small batch coffee roaster machine is easy to clean too, with all the chaff collected in a drawer, making it quick and easy to empty.


  • Fast roasting time
  • All settings controlled via Bluetooth and app
  • Automatic and manual settings
  • Integrated chaff collection
  • Cooling tray included


  • Expensive
  • Small roasting capacity

Best for: If you want a super modern home kitchen coffee roaster, the Sandbox Smart is definitely one to consider.  It is expensive, but still a little cheaper than the Kaffelogic Nano 7.  It’s a great contender for the best home coffee roaster for home coffee roasters ready to take their roasting to the next level.

>> Click here to check the Sandbox roaster price on Amazon

4. BocaBoca 250 Coffee Roaster Review

Best small drum coffee roaster

Bocaboca 250 home coffee roasting machine

Key Features

  • Roast capacity: 250g
  • Type: Drum roaster
  • Smoke suppression: No
  • Cooling Tray: Optional extra


For a super affordable drum roaster, you cannot go past the BocaBoca 250 coffee roaster, one of the cheapest coffee bean roasters in this guide. However, despite being an relatively inexpensive coffee bean roaster for sale, the BocaBoca comes with some great features for those wanting to roast their own beans on a budget.

The BocaBoca drum roaster can roast up to 250g of beans in one go with the powerful infrared heater.  It has easy to use manual dials for adjusting the temperature and timer and a transparent roasting chamber so you can easily see the beans as they roast and make adjustments as necessary.

The roasted beans are cooled on a built in wicker tray.  Alternatively, you can purchase the BocaBoca cooler tray, which has a powerful fan to cool the beans fast and collect the chaff for easy cleaning.  

This is a drum machine with a wooden base, and the basic model comes with the wicker cooler tray. You can also purchase an electric fan cooler tray for either the 250g machine or the larger 500g roaster.


  • Good capacity
  • Transparent roasting chamber
  • Adjustable settings


  • Infrared makes it difficult to see roast colour
  • No automatic profile settings
  • Cooling tray sold separately

Best for: Overall if you’re after the best cheap coffee roaster machine, the BocaBoca 250 is well worth considering.  While it doesn’t have all the fancy settings and features of other machines in this best coffee roaster guide does, with the BocaBoca 250 you’ll still have the freshest coffee beans around for a great cup of coffee.

>> Click here to check the BocaBoca price on ebay

5. Kaldi Mini Coffee Roaster Machine Review

Best stovetop coffee roaster machine

Kaldi Mini Coffee Bean Roaster

Key Features

  • Roast capacity: 250g
  • Type: Drum roaster
  • Smoke suppression: No
  • Cooling Tray: No


The Kaldi Mini Coffee Roaster Machine is another great option for those after an inexpensive drum roaster.  While a little more expensive than the previous BocaBoca, the Kaldi home coffee roaster offers great value for money for those wanting to roast their own beans while on a budget.

The Kaldi Mini Coffee Roaster for sale has a large capacity for a home roaster, allowing you to roast up to 250g of coffee beans in a batch.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any programmed settings on this machine and so you will need to keep an eye on the beans as they roast.  Unlike most cheap roasters though, this machine does have an electric motor that turns the barrel. 

Made from stainless steel and weighing only 2.5kg, this mini roaster machine is super lightweight and easy to move about. With dimensions of 26 x 24 x 20 cm, it’s rather compact and could easily be packed away.

It’s important to note that this personal coffee roaster does require a separate gas burner to function correctly and give you the perfect direct heating roasted coffee beans.  It’s also worthwhile investing in a thermometer that you can slot into the drum.  This will enable you to monitor the temperature throughout the roasting process.


  • Compact and lightweight machine
  • Good batch capacity


  • No automatic settings
  • Requires a separate gas burner to operate
  • No built-in thermometer

Best for: While this is a cheaper roaster that might appeal to many beginners, it is actually rather challenging to use for those without any roasting experience and best for those who know what they’re doing.  So if that’s you, and your budget won’t stretch to one of the more fancy machines in this guide, then the Kaldi Mini Coffee Roaster is a good option.

>> Click here to check the Kaldi roaster price on ebay

6. Fresh Roast SR540 Bean Roaster Machine Review

Best coffee roaster for beginners

fresh roast sr540 coffee roasting machine.

Key Features

  • Roast capacity: 120g
  • Type: Air bed roaster
  • Smoke suppression: No
  • Cooling Tray: No


The Freshroast SR540 is a popular home coffee bean roaster and another excellent option for those after a roaster that can sit permanently on the bench for regular roasting. 

This compact machine can roast 120g beans in a single batch which is a little on the small side but fine for those roasting regularly. 

The machine is simple to use with a single knob that controls the heat, fan and time – just push in the knob to toggle between variables.  The SR540 displays the temperature in real time, which is a great feature, so no need to add a thermometer. 

There are also nine levels of heat adjustment and a range of settings for the fan too. The Freshroast doesn’t have any automated programs, so it may take a few times before you get completely used to it, but this allows total control over the roasting process. 

The machine also has a chaff collector, although it doesn’t feature a built in smoke suppressor system.


  • Easy to use
  • Nine heat and fan settings
  • Real time temperature display


  • Small capacity
  • 120V machine – requires converter

Best for: Overall the Freshroast SR540 isn’t a bad roaster for someone who can stretch the budget a little but is not prepared to pay over $1000 for a fancy machine.  It’s nice, compact, and easy to use and perfect for beginners and those with some roasting experience.

>> Click here to check the Fresh Roast roaster price on ebay

7. Labuduo Pan Coffee Roasting Machine Review

Best countertop coffee roaster

Coffee Roaster, Peanuts Roaster Large Capacity Clear Lid Compact Size Coffee Beans Roasting Machine, Household for Home(black, European standard 220v-240v)

Key Features

  • Roast capacity: 300g
  • Type: Manual pan roaster
  • Smoke suppression: No
  • Cooling Tray: No


For those wanting an affordable roaster with a large capacity, then the Labuduo pan coffee roaster is worth considering. 

With the ability to roast up to 300g of beans at once, this is one of the largest machines in this guide.  This roasting machine has a special baffle design that makes it easy to stir the beans and ensure they roast more consistently. 

While the clear lid makes it easy to keep an eye on the beans during the roasting process.  It also features multiple exhaust holes on the lid to make it easy for the water to evaporate.

This is a far more basic coffee roaster than others so far on our list, but for those interested in getting started with coffee roasting at an affordable price, this is a good entry level coffee bean roaster machine.


  • Large capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable option


  • Few controls
  • Slower to roast than others on our list

Best for: Despite its low price, this roasting machine is made from a high quality casing material to ensure it is durable and long lasting.  It’s a great option for those on a budget yet needing to roast up a large number of beans in a single batch.

>> Click here to check the price and reviews on Amazon

8. Sunbeam Popcorn Maker Review

Best popcorn popper for coffee roasting

Sunbeam CP4600 Popcorn Popper

Key Features

  • Roast capacity: ~100g
  • Type: Popcorn maker
  • Smoke suppression: No
  • Cooling Tray: No


As mentioned above, a popcorn machine is a popular choice for those starting out roasting coffee beans and the Sunbeam popcorn maker is an excellent option for beginners.  

There’s really not much to this popcorn machine.  You simply pour the beans in and turn the machine on.  This means there are no settings that you’d find on an actual roasting machine. 

The roasting takes place very quickly and given the machine isn’t transparent, it can be tricky to keep an eye on the roast progress.  

The Sunbeam popcorn maker has a small capacity, with the ability to roast around 100 grams of beans in a single batch. 


  • Affordable entry point for beginners
  • Simple to use


  • No adjustable settings
  • Tendency to over roast

Best for: While a popcorn maker is not ideal for roasting coffee beans, it’s certainly doable with the Sunbeam popcorn machine, which is a good cheap option for those just starting with roasting beans.

>> Click here to check the Sunbeam popper price on Amazon

9. Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handheld Roaster Review

Best handheld coffee roaster

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

Key Features

  • Roast capacity: 30 – 70g
  • Type: Handheld roaster
  • Smoke suppression: No
  • Cooling Tray: No


The Nuvo Eco Ceramic handheld roaster is a great affordable option for those wanting to roast coffee beans at home. 

It’s one of the cheapest roasters in this guide and while more expensive than the Sunbeam popcorn maker, given it’s designed to roast coffee beans, it’s probably a better option to consider.

The body of this roaster is made from ceramic and the handle is made from genuine cowhide, which ensures your hands don’t get burnt while roasting. 

It’s relatively simple to use.  After preheating the roaster, simply pour up to 70g of beans into the waffle-shaped internal structure and then sway it over an open flame.  You will need to keep an eye on the beans during the process and remove them from the roaster once baked to your liking.

This coffee roaster only weighs 340g and has dimensions of 25 x 16 x 7 cm, so it is super small and compact. You can easily pop it away in a draw when you are not using it or leave it out on the benchtop.

Given its compact size, it’s also an excellent choice for those who don’t have a lot of space in their kitchen to store a roaster yet aren’t willing to compromise on having super fresh beans for their morning coffee.


  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • Compact


  • Small capacity
  • Can be tricky for beginners

Best for: While the Nuvo Eco Ceramic handheld roaster can be a bit tricky for those brand new to roasting their own coffee beans, it’s certainly affordable and simple to use and perfect for people who want a simple and manual method of coffee roasting. 

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I hope you found this guide to the best home coffee roaster in Australia helpful.

If you are starting to roast coffee take a look at our coffee storage container reviews too.

And if you don’t have one already, consider a manual coffee grinder as they are great for grinding and testing small batches of your roasted beans.

Read more coffee accessory reviews or try one our coffee drinks recipes to enjoy.

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