The Best Pour Over Kettle Australia [2024 Gooseneck Kettle Guide]

Published: // Updated: December 5, 2023
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The best pour over kettle Australia has is such a great way to prepare pour over coffee.  Also called a gooseneck kettle, this stylish and elegant coffee brewer makes brewing coffee a real art form and is the perfect way to bring out the best in your quality coffee beans.

The best pour over kettles are certainly not for impatient coffee drinkers.  It takes time to brew the perfect cup with a pour over brewer, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing the best pour over coffee kettle but not quite sure what to look for then this guide is the perfect place to start.

In this guide, we take you through all you need to consider when looking for the best coffee pour over kettle. And in the pour over kettle review section we take a closer at some of the best gooseneck kettles currently on the market.

So let’s get into it and find you the best gooseneck kettle Australia has!

Best pour over kettle Australia 2024 comparison

Below is a handy table of all the best pour over coffee kettles reviewed within this guide. 

The table lists the various features side by side to help you decide which is the best pour over kettle for you.

My top choice from the best pour over kettles

If you don’t have the time to read all my pour over kettle reviews and just want to hear my recommendation, I really like the Fellow Stagg pour over kettle.

The Fellow Stagg electric pour over kettle is not only an incredibly stylish kettle, but it is also super easy to use and comes packed with some great features. 

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle Black Auto Temperature Control

Features include the ability to choose precisely the exact temperature you want your water heated to, keep warm function and a built in stopwatch. 

Of course, it also has a perfectly curved spout, ideal for a controlled and consistent pour.

Click here to buy the pour over Stagg kettle now, or keep reading below for my detailed review.

What is a pour over kettle?

As well as making phenomenal coffee, the best pour over coffee kettle is an incredibly stylish brewing apparatus and is much loved by coffee enthusiasts all over the world. 

It is an essential piece of coffee equipment for those that enjoy manually brewing their coffee.

Why? Well when it comes to brewing a manual pour over coffee, evenly extracting the flavour from the coffee grounds is crucial. 

Unlike a regular kettle, a kettle for pour over coffee has a lovely long, concisely tapered spout to give the user better control over water flow.

Also known as a gooseneck pour over kettle, they were traditionally used on the stovetop.

But these days there is also the option of an electric pour over kettle. However, many coffee purists believe a pour over stove top kettle is the only way to go.

Gooseneck kettle features

What makes a coffee kettle different to a regular kettle is some special features to make the pour over coffee brewing process easier and more precise.

While many of these features are not essential for brewing the perfect pour over coffee, they are ideal for those new to the pour over method or looking for the easiest pour over coffee maker.

If you know what features you need, click here to skip straight to the reviews.

Tapered spout

As we mentioned above, the most defining feature of a gooseneck kettle is the thin, long curved spout.

Compared to a regular kettle, this provides much better control over the speed and placement of hot water on the coffee grounds.

With this controlled pouring, the best pour over brewer can achieve a more consistent brewed coffee or even tea.

Built in temperature gauge

Most coffee enthusiasts like their water boiled to a certain temperature. For this reason, many stovetop gooseneck kettles have a built in temperature gauge. 

You’ll need to visually keep an eye on the temperature and manually turn the kettle off once it reaches your desired temperature.

Variable temperature control

Even better than a kettle with a temperature gauge is one that you can set the variable temperature in advance.

The kettle will automatically turn itself off once the water is heated to the precise temperature setting.

This makes the kettle more useful for a range of drinks including black and green teas.

Auto temperature hold

Some kettles will continually keep the water at your desired temperature until you turn off the kettle. 

This is perfect while entertaining friends, for the busy breakfast period or those lazy mornings where multiple cups of coffee are consumed over a period of time.

Built in timer

If you don’t have a coffee scale with built in timer, look for a top pour over coffee kettle with a built in timer. 

This assists time your pour and ensure the perfect extraction each time.

Close up of filter coffee maker, kettle with thermometer and digital scale. Brewing coffee, method pour over, drip coffee.

Things to consider when buying the best gooseneck kettle (Australia)

Before purchasing a pour over brewing kettle, it’s important to take some time to consider all the different options on the market and their various features. 

Once you’ve considered the different options, you’ll be better positioned to decide which is the best pour over coffee kettle for you.

Stovetop or electric

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you prefer a stovetop or electric pour over kettle.  There are a few key differences between each option.

Overall even the very best gooseneck kettle stovetop option is much cheaper than an electric one.  So a stovetop kettle is certainly the way to go if you’re just looking for a cheap pour over kettle.  

A stovetop kettle also tends to have a more stylish design, perfect for those who want to make a statement with their pour over coffee brewing.

However, in terms of practicality, most people find an electric kettle the easiest to use with a pour over coffee maker. 

Plus, the best pour over electric kettle tends to come with more functions for a more controlled temperature and brewing process – usually with little user intervention.

Electric kettles are also ideal for those wanting a travel pour over coffee kit because all you need is power and you’re good to go.


Like any coffee brewer on the market, how much water or coffee the hand drip coffee kettle can hold is something you need to consider. 

If you’re looking for a pour over gooseneck kettle so you can regularly serve friends and family, then you’ll want one with a large capacity. 

While on the other hand, if you’re just brewing coffee for yourself or just one other person, then one with a small capacity will suffice.

Note that the practical capacity is often less than the stated full capacity for pouring. So a kettle with a listed capacity of 1.2 litres will usually have a practical capacity of around 800 ml.

Ease to hold

Given you hold a gooseneck kettle for longer than most other coffee equipment, it is crucial that it is comfortable and easy to hold. 

Look for ergonomic handles over fashionable ones as well as handles that are cool to touch. 

When you’re holding the kettle out away from your body, slowly and consistently pouring water over the coffee grounds, you’ll appreciate a comfortable handle.

Flow rate

A good consistent and controlled flow rate is crucial for the best kettle pour over coffee brewing. 

Some kettles are slower than others and some are more responsive to subtle shifts than others. 

You certainly don’t want a pour over coffee / tea kettle that unevenly sloshes out the water or is prone to uncontrolled dripping.

Close up of pour over coffee kettle with thermometer.

The best pour over kettle reviews 2024

Outlined below are our best pour over water kettle reviews.  These are some of the best gooseneck kettles currently on the market and include both electric and stovetop models.

1. True Brew Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle Review

Best stovetop pour over kettle

Gooseneck Kettle - Coffee Gator True Brew Coffee Kettle - New 2019 Model - Integrated Thermometer, Speedy-fill Lid - Professional Pour Over Kettle For Induction and all Stovetops - 54oz

Type: Stovetop
Capacity: 1.5 L
Temp Control: No

For those that are after the best stovetop pour over kettle on a budget, the Coffee Gator True Brew is the ideal choice.  This is not one of the cheapest kettles in this guide, but it has the largest capacity at 1.5 litres – so perfect for large households.

Made from 304 grade rustproof stainless steel with a layer of aluminium, the Coffee Gator pour over kettle has various cool touchpoints to ensure it is safe and comfortable to touch while in use. 

The entire kettle features a removable silicone jacket to avoid burns to your hands and the steam vents are positioned to ensure the steam flows away from you.

This best coffee kettle has a triple layer base so that it can be used on any stovetop, including gas, electric or induction. 

Plus, this best coffee kettle is easy to use – simply fill the kettle with water, then keep an eye on the easy to read temperature gauge and once it reaches your desired heat, remove it from the stovetop.  

The temperature gauge can swivel 360 degrees, so you can easily move it out of the road when pouring.


Large capacity

Practical and stylish kettle


Heavier than other models

Can be difficult to source in Australia

The Coffee Gator True Brew is ideal for those after a good all round budget stovetop kettle.  Particularly those after the best pour over kettle with thermometer built in.

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2. V60 Pour Over Coffee Hario Buono Kettle Review

HARIO VKB-120HSV Easy-Grip Handle, One Size, Silver

Type: Stovetop
Capacity: 1.2 L
Temp Control: No

Very similar in look, design and price as the previous Coffee Gator kettle, the V60 Hario pour over kettle is the original gooseneck kettle made by one of the most well known pour over coffee gear brands. 

For many years this was the only option for those after the best coffee water kettle, and despite many options being available today, many still consider the V60 the best kettle for pour over coffee on the market.

Like the previous Coffee Gator, the V60 Hario Buono VKB-120HSV is a great looking stovetop kettle.  The kettle is made from stainless steel and is compatible with all stovetops, including gas, electric and induction.

This stainless steel pour over kettle has a large capacity of 1.2 litres, with a practical capacity of 800 ml. Yet it is still lightweight at just 415 grams, making it easy to manage while pouring.  Its large capacity is great for those with large households full of coffee drinkers.

Important to note is that the V60 Hario has a faster flow rate compared to many other models on the market. This is fine for experienced coffee brewers but this may not be ideal for those just starting out. 

However, the spout design does offer great control and the easy grip handle makes it comfortable to hold.


Easy to grip handle



No temperature gauge

Poor heat retention

The Hario V60 pour over kettle is best for those that want the original and best gooseneck stovetop kettle.

>> Click here to check the Hario Buono kettle price and reviews on Amazon

3. Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle Review

Best electric gooseneck kettle

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle Black Auto Temperature Control

Type: Electric
Capacity: 0.9 L
Temp Control: Yes

For a super stylish electric coffee kettle, you can’t beat the Fellow Stagg EKG – one of the most popular choices for those after the best gooseneck kettle.  This gorgeous looking kettle comes with all modern features for brewing pour over coffee.

This is such a stunning looking kettle.  The Fellow Stagg pour over kettle has a sleek, simplistic design and comes in the option of matte white or matte black. 

Its long, thin, perfectly curved spout is ideal for a controlled and consistent pour, resulting in evenly saturated grounds and a great balanced flavoured coffee. 

It also has an ergonomically shaped handle that is counterbalanced, making it easy to hold even when the kettle is at its 900 ml capacity.

The kettle is super easy to use.  You don’t need a stovetop, just plug it in and press the dial to get the process going. 

From the dial, you can also set all the great features such as the variable temperature control so you can set the precise temperature you’d like your water heated to. 

Other great features of the Fellow pour over kettle with thermometer built in include the ability for the kettle to keep the water at the desired temperature for up to one hour and the built in stopwatch so you can track the extraction time. 

All settings are displayed on the easy to read LCD screen.


Programmable temperature

Counter weight handle aids control

Built in timer


Premium price point

Heavier than other kettles

The Fellow Stagg EKG electric kettle is ideal for coffee enthusiasts who want all the bells and whistles no matter the cost.  It’s the perfect choice for the best electric pour over kettle.

>> Click here to check the Fellow Stagg price on Amazon

4. Kinto Pour Over Kettle Review

Kinto Pour Over Black

Type: Stovetop
Capacity: 0.9 L
Temp Control: No

The Kinto Pour Over Kettle is a super modern and stylish stovetop kettle. 

Coming in a range of colours, including mirror silver, matte black or matte silver, it is the perfect kettle for making a statement while entertaining family and friends.

The Kinto features a thin gooseneck spout which provides optimal control over the speed and consistency of the water as it is poured over the grounds. 

To aid with pouring, the pour over coffee pitcher also features an ergonomically designed handle so that you can hold it in a comfortable position.

This stylish pour over coffee kettle is well crafted from stainless steel and has a 900 ml capacity.  The kettle is compatible with gas or electric stovetops.


Stylish kettle

Easy to use

Good capacity


Expensive stovetop kettle

No built in temperature gauge

Not suitable for induction stovetops

The Kinto Pour Over Kettle is ideal for the coffee enthusiasts that want a stylish stovetop kettle, perfect for entertaining.

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>> Check the price on ebay here

5. Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Kettle Review

Brewista Artisan Kettle Black and wood electric.

Type: Electric
Capacity: 1.0 L
Temp Control: Yes

Another Brewista kettle, this time the Brewista Artisan gooseneck kettle, a pour over coffee maker electric option packed full of features.  It’s a stylish kettle too and comes in a wide range of great colours and designs including white, black and more.

This 1 litre electric gooseneck kettle comes with all the great features you’d expect from a top of the range kettle. 

It has the all important variable temperature function which you can set from the LCD screen,  so you can have water heated to the precise temperature you desire.  Alternatively, you can choose from one of the preset temperatures. 

The kettle is perfect for pour over coffee brewing thanks to its centre of balance, aiding in a slow pour.  This makes it great for beginners still perfecting their pouring techniques. 

This best gooseneck kettle electric option also comes with an easy to hold, ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip.

These really are great looking kettles.  One of the design options includes wood grain accents on the handle, base and lid, which would look fabulous in any kitchen. 

Other great features of the kettle include the ability to simply boil water without a temperature set, a keep warm function and a built in timer so you can keep track of the extraction process.

Unlike the previous Brewista kettle, the Artisan doesn’t have an auto on function.


Range of colours and designs

Variable temperature function

Built in extraction timer


Premium price point

No auto start or shut off

The Brewista Artisan kettle is the perfect choice for those wanting a top of range electric kettle, packed with great functions and coming in a choice of colours. A good option for those after the best pour over water kettle on the market.

>> Click here to check the price for the Brewista on ebay

>> Click here to see the price on Amazon

6. Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle Review  

Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle 1.0L Matte Black

Type: Stovetop
Capacity: 1.0 L
Temp Control: No

If you like the look and style of the previous Fellow Stagg electric kettle but are after a stovetop option, then you might want to take a closer look at this Fellow Stagg kettle. 

The stovetop Fellow Stagg has the exact same modern look as the electric kettle with the added bonus of coming in a few more colours with options including matte black, copper, white or polished silver.

Like its electric counterpart, the stovetop Fellow Stagg looks fantastic with its sharp, sleek and simplistic design. 

The Fellow Stagg stovetop kettle isn’t just all about looks though, it is crafted with 304 18/8 stainless steel and has a built in thermometer so you can ensure the water is heated to the optimal temperature.

The kettle comes with a 1 litre capacity which is the perfect size for most pour over coffee drinkers and has a new and improved spout that features a fluted tip designed to provide a slow and steady pour. 

This best coffee pour over maker also comes with a weighted handle to shift the centre of mass closer to your hand for an easier pour.

Like all good stovetop kettles, the Fellow Stagg kettle is compatible with a range of stovetops, including gas, electric and induction.



Built in thermometer

Weighted handle and fluted tip spout


Expensive stovetop kettle

The Fellow Stagg pour over kettle is a great option for those after a top quality and stylish stovetop kettle.

>> Click here to check the price for the Fellow stovetop kettle on Amazon

7. Timemore Fish Pour Over Coffee Kettle Review

Timemore Fish Youth Coffee Kettle

Type: Pour only
Capacity: 0.7 L
Temp Control: No

At just 700ml, the Timemore Fish Pro kettle is one of the smaller sized kettles in these reviews.  It is a great coffee pour over kettle, ideal for anyone looking for an entry level kettle suitable for just one or two people.

Unlike the other kettles in these reviews, it is important to note that this is not a kettle designed to heat water.  Rather water that is already heated at the desired temperature is added to the kettle. 

The purpose of the kettle is to provide the perfect tool which to pour water from over coffee grounds.  The kettle is not designed to be used with a heating source under any circumstances.

The Timemore Fish kettle has a special patented gooseneck spout with a true 90 degrees vertical (straight down) flow. 

Combined with the sieve structure inside the kettle, this makes for an easy and controlled pour.  Also, the anti scalding, ergonomic handle with thumb rest makes it comfortable to hold.

This kettle is made from 304 grade stainless steel and is covered with a copper layer on the inside and teflon on the outside.  A bonus of the way the kettle is crafted is the kettle has great temperature retention.


True 90 degree vertical flow

Ergonomic handle

Good temperature retention


Not designed for heating water

Small capacity

The Timemore Fish Pro pour over kettle is for anyone looking for a tool to pour water from, for the pour over brewing method, while being happy to heat the water with their standard kettle.

>> Click here to check the price of the Timemore kettle on ebay

8. Kalita Pour Over Kettle Review

Kalita 52073 Wave 1L Stainless Steel Drip Kettle, Pot, Silver

Type: Stovetop
Capacity: 1.0 L
Temp Control: No

Last but not least, we have the Kalita pour over kettle.  This is a lovely, traditional looking stovetop kettle that looks quite similar to the popular Hario V60 kettle.

The Kalita #52073 stainless steel kettle is easy to use thanks to its gooseneck spout, which restricts water flow.  In addition, the kettle has a sharply pinched lip that provides for an even higher level of precision while pouring, which allows for complete control to achieve a balanced extraction.

The Kalita has a traditional pour over look and design, featuring a wavy body and a nice carved wooden handle.  The kettles are made with quality grade 18/8 stainless steel and are in fact slightly thicker to similar kettles meaning it retains the water temperature much better.

While the wooden handle looks great, it provides an easy and comfortable place to hold while pouring and remains cool to touch.  The wooden handle is also removable so that the kettle can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

This best home pour over coffee maker has a capacity of 1 litre, which is a great size for most households and it’s lightweight too, weighing just 440g.


Stylish design


Dishwasher safe


No built in thermometer

The Kalita pour over kettle is a good option for those after a traditional looking pour over stovetop kettle from one of the best pour over gear brands.

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